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    Is it just me or this year's Patch notes were a bit lackluster? They in the past years were one of my favorite things to read. This year they just seem sparse and the jokes were nothing special.

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    MOTHERS Day should be a real thing in game.

    The Essence material not being account wide anymore LMAO!

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    Remember when you could do April fools jokes that were good and you didn't have to worry about public outrage and the offended people by it WERE THE JOKE.

    Thanks to that not being the case anymore we get trash like this.

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    the Pepe hat must be added !

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    Damn these april's fool are not even fun anymore... It was a lot better in the past (the 2 player ogre, the wisp class, guitar hero minigame)

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    xD Portal roulette is my personal fav. Most evil one I do is during the raid I put several portals around warlock healthstones and summoning stone then yell - help me sum. Bam, take stonard xD Then I have to say I am sorry. Best stuff.

    HUGS! (from 6 feet away, of course). During WotLK I'd always, always, set up multiple portals following our Naxx clear, and ofc one would be to the crater. Never ceased to amaze me that people would inevitably fall (literally) for it. I'd always offer to come get them, though no one took me up on it. Embarrassed, maybe? Either way, what a fun way to conclude a raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silversorrow View Post
    Am I the only one here that thinks that the Highmountain Goblins actually look really good?....... Kinda wish that part wasn't a joke lol.
    Yeees. I like her blue braids

    OT: Hey, we both live on the same island!

    Ahmanét, daughter of Bwonsamdi
    Bwonsamdi is my future husband <3

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    It would be missing that the lag problems of the players connecting from South America, which started from mid-March, have been solved

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