View Poll Results: Would you like the corruption system more if it dropped as tokens/enchants?

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    Having went the patch so far without a single ‘damage proc’ trait or a single stat increase that fits the spec I’m playing; I’ll take anything over what we currently have.

    Idm randomness when it’s cosmetic but my god corruption (or my lack of luck with it) is frustrating the hell out of me

    Tf/Wf was bad but in what world is having some items randomly coming with actual 10-20% damage increases (depending on the situation) while others coming with ‘increases avoidance based off...’ a good system? I have so much god damn avoidance.
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    Yeah, if you could freely apply them as enchants while knowing how much Corruption they applied, you could customize the amount of Corruption you were utilizing in order to maximize effectiveness of your Cloak.

    It would be nice if, in addition to making them enchants, you could carry around something to remove them from gear so you really didn't have to trudge back to the Heart Chamber to remove the Corruption in the event you got a new piece of gear or something.

    As it stands right now Corruption can feel like an even less convenient form of Reforging that you don't have as much control over across gear, while using a specific currency you aren't getting from everything like gold is.

    By allowing Corruption to be freely adjusted anywhere, like enchants, and also having a vanishing-powder style way to remove it on the go, there would be plenty of reason to like Corruption more. The effects would still be hit and miss, but at least you'd have more control over it. But at least Corruption is more interesting than Hit and Expertise. Yuck.

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    This 100%! Next question, should they be:

    1) Bind on Use. (can trade with anyone)

    2) Bind on Account. (can trade to alts)

    3) Soulbound (personal only)

    4) Soulbound + tradeable with groupmembers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post
    If you ask a player if he wants their upgrades and rewards to be "deterministic" instead of "random"...ofcourse they are going to say they want it to be deterministic. it better for the game? I dont know...
    they literaly cannot because it would show how crappy this system is. because 99% people would just buy TD.

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