Hello there!

I am a returning CE raider, with so far 2x Edge on KJ in Tomb and Jaina in BoD.
One was achieved as a tank - other one as a dps.

Am looking for a stable guild with history of clearing content where I can settle in for 8.3 and beyond.

Currently can play either a dps or a tank with my main atm being a DK. Can hop on a different class if needed, but personally prefer classes with avalaible tank specs.

My quick raiding summary:
Pre WoD : Raided from Vanilla to start of MoP but my teenage stupidity caused my account to be perma’d so that doesn’t count.
WoD : Came back to the game at the end of the xpac and only cleared HC HfC
Legion :

Both EN and ToV were purely Heroic for me, didn’t went into Mythic there.
Nighthold: 7/10 - bosses left alive : Star Augur, Elisande and Cool’Dan
Tomb : Full Clear
Antorus : Left the game after Aggramar progress due to health related issues
Uldir - didn’t came back to the game yet
BoD: Full Clear
TEP/Nyalotha: Left the game since 8.2 tickled me in all the wrong ways + problems finding a guild with suitable raid times. Casual 3/8 and 3/12MM.
Late night means that I can raid from 10/11PM and onwards only.

I am willing to server and/or faction transfer to join the guild! Hit me up on:
- Btag: Ivar#21250
- Discord: Ivar#8221