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    Its funny, if people really wanted rotations we would have rotations, but in reality people just want the illusion of having a rotation(legion/bfa/some classes in wod)
    As long as you have your 3 buttons to mash and pretend like you're doing something you're all good, right?
    Having 1-2 buttons+procs and a dodge-like ability is far closer than having actual rotations which you can realistically fail, as such they had to compensate for that by making dungeons/raids harder. In shadowlands they are probably going to bring back a few spells and be like ''you got your buttons back!'' thinking that the amount of buttons have anything to do with it, and when that fails, which it will unless they bring back a lot of interaction between spells, dot snapshotting and procs that interact with your own spells and stats(like draught of souls did for fury warriors or the owl trinket in tos did for disc priests etc.) they are just going to do a 180 and go back to less buttons more procs and more emphasis on encounter design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1r4g3 View Post
    twilight can proc on any ability so not the same
    Add the damage to all abilities?
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    I miss the staff from ICC that would proc little ghost on my priest, i really enjoyed watching it plus the normal priest spirit proc army swarm the enemy.

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