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    Enveloping Mist and Clique

    Hi all, I just reinstalled.

    I have an issue with Clique where I can channel Soothing Mist, which will make Vivify instant (as it should) but when I channel Soothing into Enveloping Mist, it starts the Enveloping cast from scratch. I've tried this both with Enveloping bound through Clique and also using it as a normal keybind.

    Any ideas? Did I miss weird patch notes somewhere?

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    sounds like theres a stopcasting worked into it somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvenheart View Post
    sounds like theres a stopcasting worked into it somewhere.
    I've even tried to bind it to

    #showtooltip Enveloping Mist
    /cast [@mouseover] Enveloping Mist

    And the same thing happens

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    Are you casting it on the same target? From memory EM was only instant on the soothing mist target.

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    Yeah. I've played MW for years, and this was never an issue. I deleted in December, then reinstalled yesterday and suddenly the issue is new. Trying to go from Soothing straight to Enveloping on the same target, nothing inbetween, no changes.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, I fixed it by binding a normal MO macro in WoW, ignoring Clique. Still not sure what the issue was.

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