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    Worried in the sense of how vulnerable you are to getting nerfed/not being the greatest dpsing class in the game (Since you have 1 Dps spec, kinda like WW monk and Ret Pala)
    Not worried at all. They have solid utility and average to slightly above average dps in raids.

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    DH may get nerfed to not be "OP" anymore, but it'll still be viable.

    There isn't a class in the game that isn't considered viable for endgame content, and very few specs. The few specs people shun are usually due to another spec of the same class just being measurably better.

    So if you like DPSing as DH then DPS as DH. You'll probably get hit with a nerf bat in the future but not so hard as to force you to reroll, unless you're dead set on playing whatever the OP FotM spec is.

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    They are getting nerfed which can still put them top/middle dps level. For their pvp, probably middle since you lost dodge and lost leech. Be happy it's not EVERY SINGLE SPELLS NERFED TO THE GROUND. We need balance man not IMBALANCED.

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    None of my previous mains are anything of what they were. I can barely even bare to play my old unholy (press all the buttons at once) DK and finally moved to frost when I do play with it.

    Just gotta enjoy it while it lasts. I feel like the fact that it was born into that borrowed power system and that it has survived off another doesn't give me high hopes it will be the same class in 3 years... unless they recycle the same borrowed powers yet again.

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    I don't understand the question.. Any spec in the game can be nerfed into uselessness and left there for literal years at any point.
    Scheduled weekly maintenance caught me by surprise.

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    While their current iteration on the beta has me worried due to gameplay, I still fully intend to keep playing my DH in Shadowlands.
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    when i learned anythin from mmo-c then it is that shit is only bad when the horde does it
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    Baine is like the most unlikeable character you are supposed to like.

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