View Poll Results: Would you play on a post-Wrath Legacy-Server?

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  • Yes, Cataclysm.

    23 20.35%
  • Yes, Mists of Pandaria.

    53 46.90%
  • Yes, Warlords of Draenor.

    12 10.62%
  • Yes, Legion.

    16 14.16%
  • Not sure.

    4 3.54%
  • No.

    50 44.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Not interested in the slightest in anything post WotLK... Except maybe MoP because of stellar class design, but other than that, nope.

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    Since none of these expansions were popular at private server scene. Any player with some common sense will simply not replay it.

    This hysteria shall pass, and you will be welcomed back to retail with an open arms.

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    I wouldn't play anything after wotlk as far as those classic servers go, it was the last xpac before they completely ruined vanilla zones.

    MoP had great design but I would rather them just apply that design to modern WoW than play the classic version of it.

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    I think we may be waiting a long time for that to happen. Maybe even forever.

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    As much as I love MoP I’m not sure I’d play through it again. And I certainly wouldn’t touch Cata, WoD or Legion again. Let alone BfA.

    A big part of Classic for me is that I never saw the original three versions of the game. I’ve seen everything from Cata onwards and I wouldn’t want to go backwards to them again.

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    no. i got my nostalgia fix with classic and bailed pretty fast. i think i'm done with legacy servers.

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    It's funny that WoD would be one best potential Classic servers - quick leveling, almost 0 chores, VERY good raids. This is something I could see people doing during slow time of retail. What I can't imagine is grinding dailies in MoP/Legion/BfA second time.

    Still I'm not really that interested in any Classic servers, maybe beside two: WoTLK to revisit old world (I know there is Vanilla, but it is sooo slow) and MoP to get legendary cloak I missed (only if it would unlock Ordos for retail account).

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    I have no interest in legacy servers. I want to move forward, not backwards. I played all the content when it was relevant, minus doing some high end raiding in vanilla/BC, I just have 0 desire to go back to any of that time. But they should open those servers for people who want them. I mean, why not?

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