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    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    something more warcrafty tbh , jinyu architecture doesn't look chinese at all , still it's a native race of pandaria?
    I mean they are pretty Asian inspired but whatever.

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    No you can't cuz Pandaria was actually OK and giving it shit is clearly panda hate

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    I mean, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with hating pandas. I hate them because they're fat and cuddly. I get that culturally that's what they're all about but I don't really care.

    This is the only bear-people race that's playable and every armor texture on them is stretched to all hell, they've got dumb stubby legs, and their bellies jiggle when they run.

    Hooo boy I'd love to play some of that.

    Expansion was great though, Throne of Thundern is arguably one of the coolest raids since Ulduar. And Timeless Isle was fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    When pandaria was announced and launched, there was a lot of hate from a lot of people because of the pandaren race.
    Some of it was because they're pandas and goofy, other was more constructive.

    Many years however, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have arguments against pandaria, no matter if they even mention the pandaren or not, without some shitface reply about "yeah just another panda hater thread".

    You could literally criticize Seige of Orgrimmar, and at some point someone would come in with a "yeah it's just another thinly veiled thread from a panda hater".

    Like do you really not feel embarassed and retarded to dismiss any and all arguments, no matter how well written and expalined, just because you really fucking love pandaren and you're afraid that maybe someone will logically show you that something about THE EXPANSION AS A WHOLE is dumb? And GOD FORBID, that maybe SOMETHING about the pandaren is dumb or poorly written and executed as well?

    Like what the fuck is so sacrosaint about this expansion that gets people so embarrasingly defensive about it?
    I LOVED WOTLK, yet I'm also one of the first to criticize its weak points, especially its ending.

    Yeah, believe it or not, not all of us found Throne of Thunder a fun raid, except maybe one or 2 bosses. Not the lore, not the art, not the mechanics.
    Consider doing a compliment sandwich.

    "I liked X about Y expansion, but I did not care for A or B because of reasons C and D. However, I do think they at least did G decently or built upon H better than expansion J."

    For example, I enjoy the social aspect of Classic and I do like how the class identity is there despite me preferring more class homogenization for balance purposes. However, I do not like how simplistic and restrictive the gameplay is when raiding, with primarily focusing on the limited debuff slots. There are also some mechanical and gearing choices that I do wish they would have been able to be at liberty to fix, but a vocal group wanted #NoChanges. I do respect how big the world feels when you're unable to fly or because of how long it takes to level/travel, but I do have some reservations about that as well as I feel a faster gameplay wouldn't sacrifice too much in immersion (like how TBC and WoTLK felt to me when trying to recall my experiences). All in all, I think they did capture both the positives and negatives of Classic WoW though and hopefully they change course by not doing a "#NoChanges" for TBC but focus on improving its weaknesses.

    Much better than "I hate Classic, you can only do 16 debuffs on a boss? Rotations are just 1 button or 2 if you're lucky!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    you didn't read shit of what I typed, I didn't rant about pandas once in that post
    you criticize me for lacking constructive reasoning yet you reply with the same thing, only opposite
    great job, you convinced me, pandaria was amazing
    Why so aggressive? Let's talk.
    So tell me, what's the argument, why was MoP bad? (ignoring likes or dislikes of Pandas).
    Give me your constructive reasons. I'll try to give you my constructive reasons (of which parts were bad).

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkaTOS View Post
    Why so aggressive? Let's talk.
    So tell me, what's the argument, why was MoP bad? (ignoring likes or dislikes of Pandas).
    Give me your constructive reasons. I'll try to give you my constructive reasons (of which parts were bad).
    i mean sure i could, but that's not the point of my thread
    my point is that too many times, I see like you say constructive criticism about pandaria, and it gets shut down sooner or later by "panda hater hurr durr" comments
    in the end why i dislike TOT and why you like TOT will boil down to personal preference, my issue is that it feels like criticising anything in pandaria will get shut down due to the "you hate pandas" argument regardless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    i mean sure i could, but that's not the point of my thread
    my point is that too many times, I see like you say constructive criticism about pandaria, and it gets shut down sooner or later by "panda hater hurr durr" comments
    in the end why i dislike TOT and why you like TOT will boil down to personal preference, my issue is that it feels like criticising anything in pandaria will get shut down due to the "you hate pandas" argument regardless
    I never see threads getting shut down by arguments like that. Popular threads get a lot of noise. People being combative or obtuse on purpose to ruin the discussion.
    The noise:signal ratio here is low, because that's the trademark of the site. You just have to weed out the signal and respond to those. It's completely possible to have good discussions - every once in a while. But if you get caught replying to the noise - your thread isn't going to go anywhere.

    Like it or not, this site has never been the "well kept garden" that some other sites have tried to be in the past.
    At the end of the day, you either discuss with the people who are constructive - or you don't.

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    My one and only reason to dislike MoP was the oriental theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    I mean they are pretty Asian inspired but whatever.
    inspired is the key word here.

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    Throne of Thunder >>>>>> Ulduar

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    I loved the pandarens.

    BUT; didnt like the art, the story was booring to me and I hated the lore.

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    Well, yes, fuck pandas. But also the zones are boring, the story lines are corny as fuck, the dialog in general is.. ugh.. The art on weapons and armor is horrible (except sha weapons). Raids were fine, SOO was great. The monk class for me is just terrible. Timeless isles was fun for a while, isle of thunder was great, the dino one was horrible. Overall that expansion for me is not much to write home about. The amount of content, can't complain whatsoever. The style of that content however was anything but appealing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Maybe pandaren would have been received better if they were just a playable race without centering an expansion around them. I often see people go like ‘we had tauren and worgen so why make a big deal about pandaren?’, yet they never got their own expansion and don’t get as much exposure. It doesn’t help that the only thing we knew about the pandaren before MoP was that they were just an easter egg in WC3, where you can unlock a pandaren hero in the blood elf and rexxar campaign as part of an optional quest.
    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    The only thing I have against pandaria is the straight up copying chinese stuff, they didn't have too as , besides the race being pandas, there was never an implication to be asian inspired. It somehow hurts immersion
    Pandaren would have been recieved a LOT better if they had actually gone with Samwise Didier's original portrayal of bushido/feudal japanese warriors from a distant land. Thematically, that fit warcraft astoundingly better than the thinly veiled Chinese market pandering that was called MoP. Thats not even to mention the design decisions that marred the launch of MoP.

    Anyone who thought Blizzard wasn't padding their bottom line before the Blitzchung ordeal wasn't paying attention to begin with.
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    90% of the complaints you see about MoP is the theme. If you had the MoP expansion with any other theme people would never stop praising it

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    Pandaria was an average expansion, but the Asian theme (especially art) and Pandaren were the things that carried an otherwise lackluster expansion, not the problems with it.

    The issues I had with it were:

    1: No big bad. There was no Arthas or Deathwing there from the beginning that we knew we were there to fight, and no build up towards it for suspense. Is it the mantid? The mogu? The sha? Who knows!

    2: The devs said at the time that they were trying to bring in a younger audience to keep subs up. This made the expansion feel very G rated most of the time, with the darkest elements going no higher than PG. Definitely not even remotely approaching PG-13. They even added a Pokemon knockoff.

    3: Lack of connection to the rest of Azeroth. Literally the only thing that reminded me I was in Azeroth was the Zandalari (maybe yaungol, but they really don't remind me of the tauren other than biology). Why couldn't the dwarves have had a lost kingdom in Pandaria with an Asian artistic spin? Or anything? Go to any other expansion and many of the familiars are seeded-in in some fashion, not MoP though. The mist barrier was a lame excuse. Just because we hadn't gone to Northrend yet in vanilla-TBC doesn't mean we needed a big explanation as to why. The mist explanation for a suddenly available continent that was previously undiscovered was unnecessary, and it prevented a more thorough seeding of familiar Azerothian elements.

    4: Deciding to go with a kung fu theme instead of samurai. The original Pandaren drawings were of samurai, not kung fu masters. Retcons are always tacky, especially when they are trying to capitalize on recent pop culture trends/movies.

    5: Shoehorned and hamfisted faction conflict that made a faction leader the end boss. Why was the end boss of Pandaria Garrosh? It literally made no sense and ruined the climax to the expansion, plus angered his fans. It felt more like they were trying to start WoD while MoP was still going. Y'shaarj should have been the end boss in its full glory, like what we got with N'zoth in BFA but back then instead. The heart coming to life in horrific fashion, something, anything. Just not purple mutant orcs with no thematic tie to the expansion or the ability to logically be the final boss.

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    Who didn't like "Story time with Lorewalker Cho?"
    Acquittal doesn't mean exoneration

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    Honestly? I think it's mostly because the West has always had a general disinterest towards Eastern
    And I wonder why that is the case. Maybe it is a sense of superiority? It is not difficult to have that view given that following the end of WW2, USA was leading the charge of the Western world. Even before then, the industrial revolution propel them forward much faster.

    Looking at that time, China was on a downward spiral from internal and external conflict, Korea was in a civil war and Japan was a devastated and a conquered nation. So it probably was not that surprising that the East was nothing more than a curiosity. Interestingly, The Man In High Castle reverse that where Japan culture was seen as superior due its victory over the USA.

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    One of less boring old thread about this all was... here.
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