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    Quote Originally Posted by Noraver View Post
    Restoration "changes"... ugh.

    - Mastery to incentivize healing critically injured targets
    - Has the single (literally only one) weakest instant-cast heal in the game to do so
    - Constantly sniped by Holy Shock/Swiftmend/Holy Word: Serenity
    - Zero changes to make this better
    - Mythic+ still going to consist of Healing Surge spam during Grievous week
    - Literally only brought to raids for cheesing with Spirit Link Totem

    Extremely disappointed. Restoration Shaman will continue to be slow, clunky, and under-perform every other healer in the game, as per usual.
    Earth Shield coming back is fine, but the new spell to use it is a Talent. Obviously. Can't just give us something new and nice to make our gameplay more interesting.

    Happy for you Elemental and Enhancement players, but I might have to stick to my Holy Priest this expansion, or perhaps go Mistweaver Monk.

    Watch for balance in spells, it's looking better than you think

    - Riptide's initial heal increased by 33.3% of spellpower
    - Riptide's duration is increased by 3 sec.
    - Healing Surge heals increased by 91% of spellpower
    - Healing Wave heals increased by 159% of spellpower
    - Downpour heals increased by 55% of spellpower
    - Earthshield is baseline, so you pick one target for 10% healing boost (tank obviously)

    check out mistweavers, they only had one legacy spell get a boost (Soothing Mist 80% of spellpower ) and Paladins only got 10% to Holy light, while also seeing a 14% nerf to flash of light.

    Now, they did make Chain heal even more of a mana hog and high tide took a hit so we're losing some AOE potency to get the single target improvements so we'll see how that goes... but compared to other classes the increases above + baseline earth shield means our single target healing is increasing far more than any healing class in Shadowlands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post

    Once Restoration Shaman step into the realm of the ancestral spirits, they will find new ways to tap into the elements’ powers. Earth Shield can now be used by all Restoration Shaman without needing to select it as a Talent. Surge of the Earth is a new Talent that expends a few charges of Earth Shield to significantly heal the current Earth Shield target and several nearby allies.
    While I know what I am doing as DPS, this is currently the part that concerns me, and it kind of pisses me off. Sure, give me back Earth Shield, but what I would really like to see with Earth Shield when cast by a resto shaman, that it will grant damage reduction while the shield holds or an absorption shield every time a charge is used, in addition to the healing part. Throw them both in, for all I care, or make it so you can choose one or the other.

    BUT.... what is it missing?

    1. Mana Tide Totem!!! This should have never been taken away in the first damn place, now give it back!!
    2. Earth-living weapon and unleash life. Same thing. It needs to find its way back to resto shamans as per the Mists of Pandaria iteration of the abilities. Unleash life's effect increase should apply to healing rain and chain heal.
    3. Conductivity. This should be part of the tool kit. Not a talent. A baseline ability. It was the one thing I thought Mists got wrong about shamans.
    4. Ascendance. Make this baseline, and for god's sake STAHP making us always have to choose between things we had both at the same time in earlier expansions. That's the most retarded thing this game does.
    5. Greater Healing Wave - Ideally this should be baseline. I'm not sure exactly when Blizzard lost its way when dealing with healing spells, because every healer had what i like to call "the triad". This triad of spells consisted of a cheap heal, a fast heal, and a good heal. The idea behind this is, a cheap heal won't be a good heal, a fast heal won't be a cheap heal, and a good heal won't be fast. Perhaps not every healer needs this array of spells, but the resto shaman could use it.
    6. Rushing Stream. This used to be a talent that would make healing stream totems heal 2 people per tick for 15% more than the totem would normally heal. It was a good empowerment to the healing stream totem.
    7. This used to be a glyph, it's function was to take riptide off of cd. Mind you, it would not give the initial heal, which actually was a strong heal for what it was, but options are never a bad thing.
    8. High Tide - needs reverted back to its original iteration that would make chain heal extend to one more target, and not drop off healing so much. It was a talent then, so, in all fairness, keep it that way.

    I know that looks like a lot, but in terms of healing, resto shamans are a lower end healer atm, mostly due to their proclivity to being heal sniped by casters with faster healing spells. It's not that shaman spells suck, but overhealing is basically useless.

    Make it happen, Blizzard. Redeem yourselves.
    "The fatal flaw of every plan, no matter how well planned, is the assumption that you know more than your enemy."

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