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    First of all, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about in M+, unholy is only good on massive MDI meme pulls because its aoe triple dips on itself and scales exponent with number of adds.
    Back in reality, DH is the most popular m+ melee by a mile (as in 10% more then the next used spec and is usage only goes up as you increase key difficulty. In fact, at all relevant key levels (from 15 to 20+) unholy remains consistently the 5th most used spec. So in reality havoc is the best melee dps in M+

    In PvP every single tier and comp list has: Muti and WW as S tier and Unholy and Havok as A tier. I don't PvP but it doesn't exactly look like Havok is hurting their either.

    Like I previously said in Ny'alotha Havoc is at worst second-best melee dps spec (behind warriors).

    That means (read in the light most favourable to you) Havoc is: The best (by lightyears) melee spec in M+; The second-best melee spec in a raid; and; The fourth best melee spec in PvP.
    My heart goes out to you man havoc is in such a rough place right now... I bet all the ret pallies, sub rogues, enhancement shamans, survival hunters and feral druids are sending their best wishes and hoping you're back on top soon.
    lmao, of course Havoc usage exceeds other classes, but that's because of chaos brand to prop up the other DPS classes, not for the DPS of its own. And it's not just massive MDI pulls, unholy beats Havoc in sustained aoe on single and even 2 pack pulls.

    Havoc is not in a rough spot, but neither is DK let alone rogue with their ridiculous shroud of concealment and utility making them among the most stacked class in raids.

    I don't even main Havoc (boring as fuck one dimensional 2-3 button spec); I main unholy DK, so you can spare me your passive aggressive bitch ass sneering.

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    CHaos Brand still remains in Shadowlands?

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