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    Not sure if appropriate thread, but who cares.

    Not that it matters now that we're at BFA's end, but I wonder if Enhancement's rework allows us to play around with different azerite traits. Was thinking of stacking 3 of the Lightning bolt = agility ones
    If you want to... main stats stays weak at this point so it is still bad.

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    Is Primal Primer not working for anyone? Cause I don't see any stacks popping up in the corner of my screen on the buffs part.

    Also Strength of the Earth was changed into Flame Shock increased Nature Damage

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    Was messing around with my alt. Do you need to drop WF totem when solo? not sure if WF weapon and totem interact in any way or if weapon overrides totem.
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    Has anyone found a trick or workaround to the Enha artifact hiding when sheathed? I know it's how it's meant to be, but perhaps there's a way around it...

    Plus I really think we need a ranged CDless instant ability for farms etc. I now find myself switching to ele on farms for the CDless FrShock :/
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