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Thread: Day vs. night

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    Day vs. night

    For the purpose of this thread, day is when the sun is out and night is when it’s dark. I personally love the night, because everyone is quiet and/or sleeping, leaving me in peace to do whatever I want. I don’t want to be around people.

    Do you prefer day or night?

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    I am Murloc! Zuben's Avatar
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    Night has its perks, but I'm conditioned to consider it a time of rest, so whatever I'm up to when it's dark is just extra time, while daytime is prime time.
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    Depends on what I'm doing. I'm a gamer, but I have this weird mental block on gaming during the day, even if I'm off work or otherwise have nothing else to do. Gaming is just something I've always done after dark, and it doesn't feel "right" during the day. Even when I was addicted to WoW, logging on and playing on something like a Saturday afternoon was something I just didn't do.

    And things are different now because of the COVID-19 situation (stores are limiting hours and closing earlier), but in normal circumstances, I do my shopping for groceries or other stuff late at night. The grocery store here usually closes at 11:00, and I go there at like 9:30-10:00 to avoid crowds. Most other people tend to go earlier, so I mostly have the store to myself at that hour, which is nice. I always take the "go in, get my shit, leave" approach when I'm grocery shopping, and that's easier when I don't have to dodge family reunions that are happening in the middle of aisles.
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    Voted day, but it depends. If I’m indoors, I prefer night. Outdoors I prefer day. Night is too cold.

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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    i prefer night seeing as it is the time of lolth.
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    I worked in rotating shifts at the start of my career, i rotated every single week, night>afternoon>morning, most people get tunned with 2 shifts, meaning the one is left has some extra trouble. I used to tunne myself with night and afternoon shifts, and i had extreme troubles with the morning shift, believe me, it wasn't just one time that i lost the bus and had to go get a taxi to go to work.

    I had sleep troubles for years after i left that job, but eventually i got it right again. For the time being night is to sleep, and day is to do all other stuff.

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    Sun walkers > moon walkers!

    We Sun soakers have nice tans.

    Working in a office with no windows sucks so feeling the sun on my skin when I can feels amazing plus I enjoy seeing nature in all its colors.

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    The day star burns its skin.

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    I'm fine being in the middle.
    But I do avoid seeing the sunrise. (Sleep is God, and that's my time of worship)
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    Yeah, you’ll learn to love the day/sun much more once you live in Alaska and go nearly all winter without it. I like the night but I need the daytime to be healthy and happy.
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    Both have their perks. Depending on what you want to do. It is hard to star gaze during the day. Or hard to go mushroom hunting in the woods at night. So your poll should have had another option. Both. But for general use, I voted day.
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    I love the warmth and light of day too much to pick the night time, but there is something really special and relaxing about being the only one up at night. It gives a kind of "freeing" sensation. My favorite is when it's the middle of summer and there's a full moon I can go for a walk even at midnight in a t-shirt and shorts.
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    Day. There is less to do at night and less I can do.

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    I like dark, so winters are nice when there's little to no light here at all.

    I don't like staying up all night though, I wish to keep a regular healthy normal rhythm.
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