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    All I know is, that Blizzard has 1 refund per 6 months policy on everything, besides preorders
    My country states that I can get a refund within 14 days, that includes online purchases etc.

    In the past when I tried to refund something that was purchased within a day or two, I could not get it, because I need to wait 1 month till the 6 months cooldown expires.

    a GM follows Blizzard's policies, so nothing I could do.
    Ah, but does it?

    If you're in the UK at least

    Cancelling a digital download

    Digital downloads are given their own unique category under the Consumer Contracts Regulations and are therefore not services or goods.

    If you want to download something within 14 days of buying it, you will have to give your consent to waive the 14-day cooling-off period.

    If you don’t give your consent, the 14-day cooling-off period still applies, but you won’t be able to download your digital content until this period has ended.

    This is to prevent you from changing your mind after you have downloaded the content.
    So if you bought gametime, you don't get cancellation rights.

    Actual legislation link here.

    You may find your country has similar laws. It's rarely going to be as simple as "You can get a refund within 14 days no matter what".

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    Well I watched Mattlock the other day in the bar - the sound wasn't on but I think I got the gist of it so I'm pretty much a lawyer, and my prognosis is that you're screwed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savant View Post
    At this point it does not matter if they follow laws or not, it's their terms of service that is superior, because you accepted it
    In EU terms of service have to be in compliance with the law, else they are fully or partially void in retrospect should it come to a lawsuit, even if you agreed to them.
    So no, terms of service are not superior to law, atleast not in the EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lollerlaban View Post
    That's all fine and dandy but that's the how the real world works. Not my problem you can't fathom that
    Except that it literally isn't.

    I even explained how you're wrong and the steps that can be taken. Saying "NU UH!" isn't exactly a solid argument.

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    This is not the place for legal advice, qualified or not. Please consult a professional directly and/or work with the support apparatus of Blizzard. Closing this.
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