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    Quote Originally Posted by Cæli View Post
    uhm, this looks so bad ahah
    hopefully new players gets interested in wow through better zones screenshots, having someone not knowing wow appearing right here will certainly make him leave after less than an hour, to never come back
    starting zones like teldrassil, tirisfal glades, elwynn, are a reason why the game started off as a major success, zones with clear identification and soul. maybe they're just making a wow 2.
    It is impossible to know what players who have never played WoW will think. They have no reference point to compare against what they are experiencing. You can't empirically assume everyone's reaction. And to wit-Blizzard may get criticized heavily (here especially) for how they handle end game systems and the like, but they have always done a great job in creating games and creating great experiences. I'm just happy that current players don't have to level alts through BfA only. for new players, as I said above, that doesn't matter since they don't know the difference.

    And to add an even more salient many new players is a 16 year old game that is launching its 8th expansion going to get anyway? I would wager not enough to merit a lot of concern, I can tell you that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    Because some people hate BfA endgame so much that they can't see anything else.
    BFA leveling has great zone stories that are somewhat interconnected (rare for WoW), fantastic art, and is the most relevant storywise/characterwise to Shadowlands.
    It also helps them start working on allied race unlocks. 5 of 6 of the allied races you can unlock from BFA come from leveling reps.
    That's true. I personally favor Wrath leveling to all else, so it will be interesting to see how they rework the leveling curve for each expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lilithvia View Post
    I provide structured, valuable feedback in PTRs, and I can follow the logic of how the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn't, and from where it isn't can infer where it once was. Hence why I started getting Beta, and now Alpha invites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurous View Post
    Curious how mount training will work. If I decide to go to Northrend at LVL 10, probably gunna need to be able to fly at some point. Also you're supposed to level from 10-50 in one expansion?? Jesus that would be like leveling every 10 quests
    Currently Northrend is 60-80 so 20 levels, in Shadowlands it will be 40 but right now when I leveled just few months ago I got those 20 levels by finishing only 2 zones, I was decked out in heirlooms and might have some rested but still it's easy to get those 20 levels by doing half or less of Northrend right now. In Pandaria on the other hand I got 10 levels with only finishing the Jade Forest. So most of the expansion's content already can easly provide 40 levels of content.

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    I hope the new starting zones provide an opportunity to reincorporate the pre cataclysm zones back into the game as optional leveling zones.

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    Does anyone know the criteria for a veteran player versus a new player? For example, if someone played a free account to level 20, would they be considered veteran status? Be specific if possible. Thanks

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    Will this be available for testing on PTR?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    waste of my money
    Only the newest exp cost money tho, bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziros22 View Post
    Will this be available for testing on PTR?
    Only the newest exp cost money tho, bro.
    wow never stops costing money if you want to play it, with 4 months of wow game time you can buy 3-4 older AAA games on sale on Steam which offer new gameplay and stories, whereas WoW you're just led to believe you're heading into something new and exciting and within the first half hour you realize you fell into the trap again

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