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    Death Knight Fist Weapons in Shadowlands?


    Look under Glacial Advance' new tooltip (2nd one). The change in Requirement to use the ability to go from just One-Handed weapons to Two-Handed Weapons is not exactly news by now, but the fact that Fist Weapons is listed as well did come as a bit of a shock to me.

    Do you think this is a mistake on their part (Blizzard / WoWhead), or deliberate?
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    Probably a mistake, since fist weapons tends to be agi (minus a few str ones in BfA), but it'd be cool it's intended.

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    Hmmm. Interesting.

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    i hope this is happening,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarablord View Post
    i hope this is happening,,
    yeah imagine a red/fire transmog with the fist weapon from hyjal

    it will be so great...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaintk View Post
    yeah imagine a red/fire transmog with the fist weapon from hyjal

    it will be so great...
    Screw that... I want dual BLADEFISTS

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    Warm Greetings & welcome, happy to have you here.

    Snowstorm has declared that Frost Death Knights, Windwalker Monks, and Brewmaster Monks in Shadowlands can by and by pick between double using one-gave weapons or utilizing a solitary two-gave weapon. This is welcome news!

    I hope the above information helped you
    Please feel free to post if you have any further queries!

    Mika Hawkins

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    It was pretty fun in Mists going around Timeless Isle as Frost using the claw weapon substitute. You were kind of able to pretend you had Fist Weapons for a while, which was fun. Worth noting in the loot pool Warriors can also use Fist Weapons again now with SMF back in the game which may help legitimize the possibility.

    Overall I'd probably say I think weapon restrictions should be lifted a bit more if not altogether. I think the choice of being able to use any style of weapon you want would be fun if for anything at least transmog. If mechanically it has to be restricted by some for balance reasons that seems fine but at the same time it seems a little silly people can't use certain weapon types because reasons.

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    Now i want it for my Blood DK with the new SL Fistweapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miyagie View Post
    Now i want it for my Blood DK with the new SL Fistweapons.
    Those would be so awesome for Worgen DK

    Not enough classes for them that use fist weapons. Of all classes they can be, they omit's Monks and Shamans....

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    Meh, not gonna go for it.

    1) On my Velf any Fist weapon looks ridiculously oversized and silly.

    2) DKs should wield swords or at least axes, in my opinion. It is neither a "smashing" class that uses blunt weapons like maces and hammers and crushes foes (exception given for a Sauron-style two-handed mace), nor is it a fast "ripping" class, that tears into enemies with fast attacks, that is what we have ghouls for.

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    Ask yourself: can DKs use fist weapons? If not, then no, it won’t work unless Blizzard is planning some change.
    Just a heads up: Hunters have abilities listing 2H maces (weapons they can’t equip) as a viable weapon, as well as Spears (a weapon not even in game).

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