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    I find this sentence a bit contradictory within the context of the rest of the post.

    Don't you think it's a bit biased to throw out insults like that against someone? It comes across to me as if you aren't willing to acknowledge or let her do her story without being biased about it to begin with.

    Why go the extra mile to try and be hyperbolic about a few minor things that don't make her a picture-perfect accuser? That doesn't seem right to me.
    You can't go from Biden to Putin like that, without something being wrong with you.

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    You keep saying this. The US has a long history of associating with terrorists. The obvious example is Orlando Bosch:


    There are many others.
    But no one cedes a country to a known terrorist group, especially the terrorist group that you have been fighting for 20 fucking years.

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    Also, @Rochana, have you read Miss Reade's Twitter? https://medium.com/@eddiekrassenstei...n-e4cb3ee38460

    I mean, even her friends are like, nah, she is seeking attention. I mean, she is even praising him until 2017 and 2018. Didn't change her story til Biden announced his presidential run. I mean, she even liked a tweet where Russia voted 380-3 to decriminalize Domestic Violence. She attacked Putin til 2017, then in 2018 attacked the US for their "impealism", meanwhile Russia is still occupying Crimea.

    She is an attention seeking idiot, that has changed her story a thousand times it seems.

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    You described Shapiro as Ben "Fagpiro".

    Of all the legitimate insults that could be thrown at Shapiro....I'm not even that politically correct, but c'mon.
    I don't really care. I HATE Shapiro.

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    You are using the same tactics Weinstein and numerous other rapists used to discredit victims.
    Yeah, that is 100% bullshit. Why don't you go take more time, and create another account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbitus View Post
    Yeah, that is 100% bullshit. Why don't you go take more time, and create another account.
    Yeah, I can't see that person's posts unless someone quotes them, but I'm pretty sure I know which of the categories I listed they fall into.

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    I don't know what category that is but since you seem to be agreeing with a guy who uses homosexual slurs in 2020, smears sexual assault victims and wants endless war I don't want to be in whatever category you are in.
    You are trying so fucking hard, aren't you? How long til you make a new account?

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    First, Jonnysensible who you were agreeing with here, isn't American, so that kind of ruins your whole argument. Second, where the fuck do you get off parroting Trump's xenophobic shit? And you are claiming to be better somehow?

    The truth is either a Biden or Trump presidency will see large numbers of Americans die from treatable diseases and neglect, because of the continued persistence of private healthcare. Millions of Americans will also see their wages decline because of rampant social inequality. That's my only interest in this.

    I don't think people like you are much interested in any of that. I think your sole interest is tribal support for a specific faction of billionaires that actively work against American interests.
    Oh you hit post count 21, how cute, totally new member. I'm aware jonnysesnsible isn't from the US as we've had similar conversations in the past, genius--the difference is, he isn't trying to get Americans not to vote in their own elections. You either know the differences between Biden and Trump, which puts you in the first several categories, or you don't, which puts you in the latter, so either way, you have nothing of substance to add to the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    Not voting for Biden does not mean you don't vote.

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    If there were any substantive policy differences then you and the other Biden supporters would be telling us what they are. You are not because they don't exist.

    The only significant differences are areas where Biden is more right-wing, such as Afghanistan and TPP.

    I mean feel free to prove otherwise but I've heard nothing about policy from you at all. What I heard from Jonny was some crap about trans people not being allowed to the military, like that matters....
    I'm still trying to figure out how you can say that Trump and Biden are the same to progressives. The data does not agree with you.

    It's odd how many "Bernie supporters" from foreign countries are on here trying to shill for Trump.

    As for the policy differences, that has already been provided by others, and ignored by you.

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    The next thing any one posts should be a substantive policy difference between Trump and Biden.

    Not "Trump is so bad" (we know), not "it is obvious they are different" (it isn't), not "you are bad for suggesting that", an actual substantive poiicy difference.

    Policy. Do you understand? Policy.
    It was literally already provided by me, as well as others.

    I guess reading isn't your strong suit. Hell, you even mentioned one, and then proceeded to ignore it.



    And for the party platforms:



    I accept your apology and retraction. Also, I accept your apology for ignoring the previous evidence that was given to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    I can google myself. I asked you for a substantive policy difference. It shouldn't be that hard for you to explain why you think Biden is better.
    Wow, you sure did a lot of reading in a short amount of time...

    I already did explain, in a previous post... and you ignored it. Don't blame me, because you are pushing willful ignorance in spite of overwhelming evidence.

    Oh, and I'm not a Biden supporter.

    Enjoy that evidence!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    The crap you linked to is entirely worthless. Eg from your first link "We prospered after 9/11; we'll prosper after Great Recession". That's not a policy, that's some shit Trump said. Do you understand what a policy is?
    So, you are ignoring the evidence? The first two are literally links to their stances on the issues, with citations. The second set is literally the party platforms to their respective parties. You asked for evidence, and it was handed to you. I cannot do your thinking for you, and apparently, neither can you. This is now the second time you've ignored evidence you literally asked for.

    What. A. Shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    I was having some doubts myself about the Tara Reade allegation against Biden, but new evidence has been emerging:

    The Intercept - New Evidence emerging about Biden's history of sexual assault
    Which only indicates something did happen. But her story, does not have any clear proof it did happen as she said it did. Of course the Democrats wanted to take it for granted, the allegations against Kavanaugh where true. Believe all women, only applies to some cases for them.
    " If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.." - Abraham Lincoln
    The Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to - prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms..” - Samuel Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    It is Trump and to a lesser extent Biden saying retarded shit. It tells you nothing. I would have thought three years of Trump's verbal incontinence everyone would understand that nothing he says translates into policy.
    Well, it's a shame you are unwilling to read the evidence you asked for.

    I guess there's not much that can penetrate your wall of willful ignorance. You are welcome for the evidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    OK so take this (genuinely random) extract from The Republican manifesto:

    Republicans believe we are stronger when we have an economy that works for everyone—an economy that
    grows incomes for working people, creates good-paying jobs, and puts a middle-class life within reach for
    more Americans. Republicans believe we can spur more sustainable economic growth, which will create
    good-paying jobs and raise wages. And we can have more economic fairness, so the rewards are shared
    broadly, not just with those at the top. We need an economy that prioritizes long-term investment over
    short-term profit-seeking, rewards the common interest over self-interest, and promotes innovation and

    How is that different from what Democrats believe?

    I could have posted 30 different extracts where there is no difference between the parties. What am I supposed
    to be looking at here?
    Once again, the evidence has been provided for you.

    And here I thought you wanted to talk about policy, and not rhetoric... I guess that was also a lie on your part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    You don't know do you? Because this could have come from either manifesto. Or indeed the vast majority of political parties in the world.

    You just proved my point perfectly: the parties are essentially the same.
    No, you proved you are being willfully ignorant and intellectually dishonest.

    You switched the party, because you are being disingenuous. Once again, this is simply you being caught in another lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    Once again, very simply, what do you believe are the major policy differences between the candidates?

    All you've linked to so far are vague statements and quotations which mean, literally, almost nothing.

    Joe Biden saying he likes little kittens is not a policy statement.
    That has already been provided for you... twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Moose Fandango View Post
    When the other candidate is Hitler with dementia, even a "poor choice" who actually has morals and compassion for others is still a no-brainer.
    Oh, no worries, we get it. The dems can put up whatever scumbag they want(war criminal/rapist/senile) because the GoP will always be worse.

    Must be easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    The sources you linked to prove the point that the parties are essentially the same.

    You are clearly not capable of refuting that assertion. I would quit embarrassing yourself.

    - - - Updated - - -

    But but but...their rapist is better!
    No, the sources did not prove that, your attempt to lie and edit content proved you are a disingenuous liar.

    If it's your assertion, where is your evidence?


    Since it's your claim, I expect you to be able to show that their stances on things such as gay marriage, abortion, marijuana legalization, economic development, environmental regulations, global warming, minimum wage, health care, gun rights, freedom of religion, privacy rights, and immigration are all identical. And, I expect you to cite evidence for this.

    I'll be here, holding my breath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathinuit View Post
    The point is not that Trump is a good thing. The point is Biden is only marginally better, if at all.
    This is bullshit

    If Biden wins, there is no "fighting" him, as you well know.
    There is a progressive wing in the democrat party, there is no progressive wing in the gop. Which is more likely to help progressives?

    Crony capitalism has total control of the American political system. All those people protesting Trump now will go along with whatever bullshit Biden pulls as they did with Obama. Even if Biden does the same things as Trump. It can't have escaped your notice that Democrats are now cheerleading for an Afghan war started by Bush.
    This is lazy bullshit.
    If Biden loses, then that destroys the corporate establishment in the Democratic party and allows progressives to take over and make a permanent change for the better.
    In what universe? This is wishful stuff. Not based in reality.
    This could all be avoided if Biden actually implemented some progressive policies, but there is literally nothing significant you can point to and say "That is clearly better". No, trans people in the military doesn't cut it: no one cares.
    Ill just put the positions he agrees with progessives on.
    raise minimum wage. Paid leave. supports reperations. Against private schools. 2 years free college. forgiving student loan debt. Increase teacher pay.
    Abolish the death penalty. End cash bail. End coke sentencing disparity. Abolish mandatory minimum sentences. End Private prisions.
    Campaign finance reform. End new oil and gas drilling, offshore drilling and drilling on federal land. tax carbon emissions.
    Antitrust enforcement against large buisness. decarbonise agriculture. farm worker protections.
    Assualt weapon byback. Universal background checks. weapon register.
    Incremental ACA expansion. Citizenship via DACA. Increased taxes on the wealthy and corps to pay for infrustructure.
    Scrap past weed convictions. Increase capital gains tax. Wealth tax. Holding social media giants to account for content.
    Supports revised USMCA.

    That will do for now. So stop pretending the white nationalist in the white house who has been brutalising people home and abroad while also fanning stochastic terrorism is 'pretty much the same'. Its cretinous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbitus View Post
    Sure it is. Ben Shapiro is an idiot.
    I'm incredibly disappointed I actually have to explain this.

    First -- it was bad enough to get you banned and it mod-edited from your post so...yeah, maybe pause and consider that.

    Using a slur like that is not just insulting your target but also insulting an entire group of people. You are basically saying that he's so terrible BECAUSE he's part of that group. It's bigoted lazy school ground taunting and I believe you are both better and smarter than that. So next time, be better ok?

    Unless you are actually a bigot, which I didn't think so....but if so, then carry on I guess?
    Forum badass alert:
    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana Violence View Post
    It's called resistance / rebellion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana Violence View Post
    Also, one day the tables might turn.

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