Guild Name: Exile

Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore / PVE + PVP. Week 1 BWL 8/8 Top 5 server in BWL clear time.

About Us: Exile is a group of players who haven’t played together for years on private servers; we met each other on our individual journeys through Classic WoW on Fairbanks Alliance. Many of us have experienced guilds that have tight-knit inner-circles, built-up cliques, and those types of guilds are tough to break into the inner-circle - it makes it a chore to try and get involved, and become a part of a team. Quit sitting on the bench, and join a team of players who want you to be a part of the experience. Be a part of a growing community, today. Looking for almost all roles/classes for our MC raid teams with minimal gear and only 1-day attendance requirement

Exile brings consistent, friendly, and accessible raids to players wanting to build a community together. Our goal is to clear all content efficiently and effectively as well as give people a place to call home for classic.

Raid Schedule: We currently raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 5PM-8PM Server Time (PST). BWL+Ony+MC 1 day and we plan to eventually utilize 2 raid teams for MC on Thursdays.

Loot: We are a loot council guild comprised of Officers with class lead input. Your performance, contributions to the guild, and preparedness will contribute to you receiving loot.

Requirements: Level 60 with the ability to commit to showing, prepared and on time, for raid. That said, we understand that real life comes before video games.

BWL/Non Split raid team.
* Mages - Closed
* Paladins - Closed
* Druids - 1 Resto
* Priests - Closed
* Warriors - Closed
* Hunters - Closed
* Warlocks - Closed
* Rogues - Closed

For each MC group:

High demand for warlocks, melee dps and healers!

Talk to us: Message Tartaglia#9100 on discord or Tartaglia, Berzerk or Spot in game.