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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzurri View Post
    They just changed it to only 2 cast to end eclipse.

    At this point, why not just remove it?
    Yeah, this is getting pathetic really.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Balance: Notably in this build, starting Eclipse requires 2 spells rather than 3. Doesn’t require a big explanation, but should be strongly felt. In particular, the windup at the start of combat is much shorter (especially when you can precast 1 of the 2 spells).

    We’re also trying a version of Celestial Alignment that’s not extendable to arbitrary duration; it was simply going to cause nearly certain balance problems later on. It is now a fixed-duration cooldown that still provides a large damage increase.
    Most recent changes. So two casts to get into Eclipse. Seems like a positive change with the feedback/complaints that are out there. Thoughts?

    Also, is the celestial alignment note here important?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argenon View Post
    Also, is the celestial alignment note here important?
    Pretty impactful. A huge nerf to CA. We double dip on mastery for astral spells during CA currently so not being able to extend it puts a cap on the amount of really big spenders we could use during that window.
    Would be nice if they changed CA to be a mastery proc for like 20% chance when entering eclipse to proc CA giving you both eclipses. Would change the gameplay loop to trying to maximize CA eclipses but also would give our 100 talents some real oomf more frequently because they are all astral damage and would double dip. Then they could make our 3 minute cd give us bonus AP generation and maybe keep the crit chance they have tacked on. But i think we are pretty much guranteed to not have any major sweeping changes like that with beta coming out next week.

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    I mean, the problem with SL eclipses is that they are very uninteresting. Two casts instead of three, wooo... doesn't change the fact that it's a boring and pretty weak proc, and it's the only one we have.

    As for CA - I still don't understand why did they replace haste with crit. Oh my god, it's going to feel so fucking slow after what haste amounts we have now. And such a huge amount of CA uptime lost, after playing so long with arcanic pulsar + vop...

    But I think the biggest crime is... with the current state, we just can't choose Night Fae as the covenant. Such a fitting theme for us, but Venthyr abilities (both general and class) are just way too good if you are going to play on a competetive level.

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    Remove Astral Power and give back Shooting Stars and I know what I'm gonna main

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