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    dps window or no?

    Demonic - 8sec dps window. lets reduce that to 6sec in new expansion because dps windows are not really what we want for DH

    Dark Slash - lets update this talent to affect blade dance so DH gets a dps window because we want that for DH

    what a dumpster fire bipolar mess.
    anyone actually looking forward to SL DH?

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    Yes, still too addicted to double jump and glide.

    Raiding / m+ is like 5% of the time i spend on wow so w/e shitty gameplay blizz come, ill survive

    Yes, i hate those bullshit tiny windows for dmg, always hated pooling gameplay, bring back dh gameplay from NH with leggo ring and chaos strike refund based on you crrit %

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    Just seems like they're moving away from Meta as the focus. If Dark Slash can be said to fulfill the same damage-window function as Demonic, that kind of tells me that the actual physical attacks are being received better by Demon Hunters than Meta is. Can't say I disagree.

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    I seemed to me like it's more about balancing the uptime of Demonic so they don't have to nerf Meta to compensate, or just balancing the talent row. The Dark Slash adding Blade Dance seems to just be so you don't have to worry about whether or not you keep Blade Dance in the rotation or so you don't lose buffed abilities during AoE.

    I'm not sure that either has to do with the concept of a "damage window"
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    A "damage window" is any sort of mechanic that increases the damage of your other abilities that isn't 100% active. We've got a few examples in this class, like Demonic, and Momentum. But here's the thing... Most classes do. It's one of the few things that makes the build/spend mechanic actually strategic in practice, and I think the only reason that people don't complain about Demonic as much is the pure Rule of Cool involved with it. (Momentum has rule of cool too, but the skill cap and potential downsides are much higher, making it frustrating to play.) Essence Break just seems like a less cool Demonic, and stacking damage windows doesn't seem interesting if the answer is always to cast Eye Beam > Essence Break, or Essence Break > Eye Beam.
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    The demonic change is most likely a way to curb the power of the new demonic appetite more than anything. If anything you probably have more meta uptime from all the extra casts of eye beam on single target.

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