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    Quote Originally Posted by vexxan View Post

    One of the most fun aspects of playing warrior in classic is (imho) swapping around between stances. This creates depth and you can enjoy the different aspects of being a warrior.

    • Charge in and rend up your targets.
    • An incoming healer joining the fight? Berserker and intercept.
    • Oh, two rogues attacking? Better use my sword+board macro and swap to defensive.
    • The bastard rogue dodged? No worries. Back to battle stance.

    Am I alone loving this and hoping it will return in Shadowlands (even tho it's not mentioned in the upcoming changes...)?

    While i agree it added good depth to warrior and was interesting, i'd also say it has aged poorly.

    If you want it to be more up to date it needs more effect on gameplay in a more fluid manner, practically i'm thinking:
    - Tie stance switching to certain abilities, i.e. charge, intercept, intervene to name a few iconically bound ones, but also make it possible to manually switch stances (on gcd; not encouraged per se but not intended to be optimal)
    - Rework the stances:
    - Battle stance: increase rage gain by 25%
    - Fury stance: Decrease rage costs by 10%, increase damage done and taken by 5%
    - Defensive stance: Gain 10% more rage from damage taken, reduce damage done and taken by 5%
    - Switching between stances causes all rage gain to be halted for 1 sec

    Naturally all numbers are placeholders here.

    Though for the sake of all speccs i would make it so that almost all abilities work with all weapon setups, mostly thinking of turning spell reflect into a sort of spell deflect that may also be done with weapons as opposed to shields.
    (i am not fond of swapping gear mid fight, it seems very silly)

    (if you like this idea or parts of it feel free to copy and repost it elsewhere!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    DK player here. I really understand the sentiment being expressed here but let me tell you something: Blizzard is (currently) not interested in creating this sort of depth when it comes to class design because they mainly derive difficulty and complexity from PvE encounter design these days. Having "overly" complicated classes that require you to make more moment to moment decisions simply don't resonate very well with the kind of complex PvE encounters we see today as it's simply too much for most players to handle effectively. This is why mechanics that require more attention like stance dance or more complex ressource systems fall under the table.
    Actually unironically implying that classdesign from Classic, TBC and WotLK was more complicated than today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Actually unironically implying that classdesign from Classic, TBC and WotLK was more complicated than today.
    Nice necro. Also factually incorrect as I didn't mention any specific expansion in my post.

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    OP, if you want stance-dancing back, there's this game called WoW Classic. Go play it, and stance-dance all you want. Then you get the rest of your nostalgia fix, too.

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    I'd be happy with them just making the defensive stance talent baseline, no need for more than that really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uthan View Post
    I'd be happy with them just making the defensive stance talent baseline, no need for more than that really.
    Was a smart move to make a proc->mindless CD & baseline -> talent ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakis View Post
    Was a smart move to make a proc->mindless CD & baseline -> talent ^^
    And when would Defensive Stance have been a proc in the history of the game, exactly?

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    No, please no...I don't ever want to stance dance ever again!!!!

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    I agree!

    Especially now when we have gotten abilities back that's for "Defensive Stance" etc. Instead of having your UI flooded with abilities that you normally don't use as DPS i'd love to be able to switch stance.

    Really like the Classic way warrior plays when it comes to that part!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lubefist View Post
    Stance dancing didn't take any finesse or make you skilled, stop kidding yourselves. QoL change to get rid of it imo and much rather have it this way.
    for reals, every stance dance i ever needed to do (which was rare) was macro'd and i never ever thought about it other than the loss of rage when i needed it most. Yeah, I didn't like it when I had it, don't want it back.
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    Dps warriors unironically feels way better to play in classic. Not so much because of stance dancing but rather that you actually have to manage your rage instead of just building and spending.

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    Stance dance for some reason is interesing. But imo for a long term is pain in the ass. No tnx. I remember that day when stance dance was erased. I felt free and smile came into my face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotality View Post
    Stance dancing?
    So you have to macro all your abilities and lose resources for no reason at all? No thanks.
    This. I don't know if it's an unpopular opinion or not, but as a longtime warrior main, I said good riddance when stance requirements went away.
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