View Poll Results: Which spec do you personally enjoy more during Wquests, Visions and dungeons?

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  • Unholy

    94 61.84%
  • Frost

    58 38.16%
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    Quote Originally Posted by InfernalDark View Post

    Pet specs can just burn in fire.
    Totally Agree

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    Unholy Main since WoD, recently become more flexible due to progress but in the end Unh will always be more fun for me.

    IDK why, the class fantasy just speaks to me, and the increased skill-cap is a nice bonus.

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    I like most of unholy mechanically more, but the theme of zit popping is just lame as fuck.
    The baseline mechanics of frost are kinda lame and BoS is no longer interesting enough for me to make up for it, but I prefer the theme (especially with 2h).

    Kinda sad that it's all borked thematically. By now its clear that probably not much will change for DKs in SL, it will probably be back to just playing what sims better.
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    None, tbh. I used to main dk from Wotlk until Legion.

    *I absolutely DESPISE the wounds mechanic. I preferred just having diseases in the form of debuffs that buff your damage on the target. At least I didn't have to keep my eye on the stacks of a debuff.
    *Running out out of runes is a very common thing, so you just stand there and autoattack for a couple of seconds.
    *Multiple damage cooldowns? Why do we need both Empower Ghoul AND Unholy Frenzy? Jesus! Just make the appropriate changes to Unholy Frenzy and make it replace Empower Ghoul, or just remove it altoghether. Oh and in SL unholy gets gargoyle back. Here's YET ANOTHER dps cooldown for you. ENJOY!

    *I just hate how Frost is all about fishing for procs and aligning your short dps cds with them for maximizing dps eficiency.
    *I also hate Breath of Syndragosa, and apparently this talent is meta as fuck, so you can't really choose anything else and be just as good.
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    Unholy is one of the most boring specs out there for single target

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    Frost if you want easy mode. Unholy if you want some extra thought put into your DPS.

    I like unholy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Frost if you want easy mode. Unholy if you want some extra thought put into your DPS.

    I like unholy.
    What thoughts exactly are you thinking when single target dpssing?

    "Fuck i had wounds up, i needed to press THE other button!" ?

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