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    Alliance [A] Unvanquished-Proudmoore LFM

    ■Who are we?

    We are a mix of veteran raiders from Proudmoore, Alleria, and Kilrogg. We’re not a PG guild and you can count on plenty of crude humor but we get things done. Our primary focus is raiding and Mythic+ for now.

    ■Shadowlands Progression:

    Weds/Fri: Castle Nathria - 10/10N | 9/10H
    Sat/Sun: Castle Nathria - 10/10N

    ■Battle for Azeroth Progression:

    Uldir - 8/8N | 8/8H | 3/8M (Velocity)
    Battle of Dazar’alor - 9/9N | 7/9H (The Phoenix)
    Crucible of Storms - 2/2N | 1/2H (The Phoenix)
    The Eternal Palace - 8/8N | 8/8H (The Phoenix)
    Ny’alotha - 12/12N | 12/12H

    ■Raid Schedule:

    Weds/Fri: 8pm-11pm (PST/Server)
    Leader: Kumandrun
    Lieutenants: Angrycupid/Lelaera

    Sat/Sun: 8pm-11pm (PST/Server)
    Leader: Thirstyfell

    Currently looking for a Mage, Warlock, and Boomkin to fill our ranks for Weds/Fri.

    Looking for heals and preferably melee dps for Sat/Sun.

    ■Voice Communication:



    Raid Leader: Kumandrun
    Raid Lieutenants: Angrycupid/Lelaera
    Sat/Sun Raid: Thirstyfell (Discord Thirtyrock#8561 & Battlenet Thirtyrock#1945)

    You can also /who Unvanquished to see who is online and they should be able to point you towards the proper person.

    ■Recruitment Process:

    Our process is pretty simple. We bring a recruit along to a run and into Discord to see how the recruit will mesh with the group. We do not require logs, but they are helpful and appreciated if they can be shared. There is a minimum two week period of being a trial.

    ■What we expect from our guild members:

    Our preference for a player is 16 or above. We are not a PG guild. We also do not tolerate any racist/sexist/etcist behavior. Be respectful.

    As a Raider:

    We choose to utilize a /roll on all loot that is not needed by the player who received it. We do -not- tolerate under the table trading or ninjaing. Main spec gets priority over offspec, with BoEs being the exception. BoE rules are /roll for Main spec with those not being needing being sold by the guild with 50% profit going to the looting player and 50% to the guild bank.

    At the start of a tier you need to know what you are playing. We hold players to making sure their raid toon is their focus and is such until they either need nothing else from raid and have a capable toon to fill that role or we are done progressing the current raid difficulty.

    Either DBM or BigWigs and WeakAuras are REQUIRED to raid. This is not debatable.

    You should be able to maintain good attendance. Since we only raid six hours per week it is important you are able to be available and on time.

    This doesn’t mean we don’t understand real life happens. If you know you that can’t make a raid or will be late please post in our Discord Attendance channel. In the rare emergency where you unable to do so we would appreciate if you contact -someone- preferably an officer to let us know.

    You should have a good knowledge of your class and spec, if you need help please reach out to someone and we’ll help as best as we can.

    You should have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. If you disconnect or experience lag issues often, you may be asked to step out.

    You need to be willing to listen in Discord, communication is a key to strengthening the bond between our raiders.

    As a Social:

    Social invites are always open. If you only have time to play for a couple hours a week and are looking for a stable home, feel free to whisper anyone in the guild. We hold the same standards for socials as we do for our raiders. Don’t be a jerk, be a respectable person.

    ■ About Proudmoore:

    Alliance is the dominant faction of the server. Boasting many active raiding guilds Proudmoore is a high population server community that offers anything you would need on a daily basis.

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    Bumping post.

    Saturday/Sunday group needs Ranged DPS in particular, though we are still recruiting for healers & other dps.

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