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    XP Buff. But have never played one at max level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    XP Buff. But have never played one at max level.
    Didnt they change the buff so it doesnt stack with looms anymore?

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    Up close and personal. With fists. Shame that monks are at the bottom of dps logs, so for the first time since MOP I have changed my main to a hunter instead. Still pretty good mobility, and being ranged is surprisingly refreshing. Especially in BGs I don't have to die as much.

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    I like playing healers and mistweavers use a different kind of resource.

    Paladins and Priests use Holy (The Light)
    Shamans and Druids use Restoration (Druids use plant magic and shamans use water magic).

    The mystical energies around mists was unique enough for me to really enjoy the monk class.

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    Monk class fantasy is done the right way. They emit nothing but pleasantry.

    Brewmaster is a non toxic, easy to play, and great AOE tank.
    Mistweaver visually pleasant, very easy, and fun to play, healer.

    Windwalker is something I never got used to, because spec feels heavily locked. Still, throwing punches is a unique and fun way to play.

    Overall satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zawyer View Post
    Didnt they change the buff so it doesnt stack with looms anymore?
    Any source for such a statement?

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    ctrl+f stagger
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    I am disappointed.

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    Every specc feels like im playing a rogue.
    Im mostly healing, and now that I can use azerite to have Way of the crane and it returning to baseline im even more happy.

    Love dropping it in heavy AOE when raiding, or to help on trash

    The mobility is awsome, I can pretty mutch be any race I feel like, leather-mog is cool
    Brewmaster feels good when you are not the best tank; I get to play DPS with taunts, mobility and stagger. Its the only class I can manage a 15+17+ with ;P

    I just wish we had more glyphs; For example to give mistweaver the stance and colours of the ox . Not a big fan of the mint - green

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    Any source for such a statement?
    I seriously doubt it. Whenever I see someone leveling an allied race they are always either a monk or a death knight

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    Any source for such a statement?
    Nope. I was wrong, sorry.

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    I loved the many numbers would pop out when you used fists of fury... now that they nerfed this it feels so awkward to see so many fists and so few actual hits.

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    Martial-arts are inherently cool. Who the heck doesn't want to do some crazy anime-style action? It's bad-ass. When I look at abilities like Tiger Palm and Rising Sun Kick I think, "man, they nailed that." But when I look at an ability like Chi Burst I think, "dude, that would be so sick... if it looked as sick as the idea is." Like, a lot of abilities being rooted in magical, spiritual elements is so super freaking cool - they pull it off so well in Diablo as well, it's just that here for the Monk class in WoW it can miss pretty hard when it's obvious the ideas deserve to look so much better.

    The fantasy of a spiritual master of unarmed combat is a great class fantasy. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I just wish it LOOKED cooler.

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    Unique and fun playstyle. Plus, I really enjoyed their lore in MoP.
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    Mobile, bursty, melee DPS with tanky and sustainy abilities because of being a hybrid class. I enjoy being close to my enemies and dodging or incapacitating stuff from up close, be it raid mobs or actual players.

    Also like the class fantasy (although I do dislike the heavy pandaren influence on it). The Monk draws its power from both positive and negative energy which holds true in actual real life situations too. Striving to balance them and letting your feelings flow/acknowledging them while being in control!
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    I only played my monk during antorus. Haven't really touched him since I got him to 120, but I guess I liked the playstyle of not using the same ability twice in a row. It made the rotation for WW monks engaging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capultro View Post
    not necessarily but please don't go overboard. we've all fought a monk. and all monks do the same thing run away.

    monk is a ridiculous class, hitting and running away if the thing gets ugly seriously ... it's ridiculous, a real monk would never run away from a fight, monks shouldn't have super speed. that was the glitch. and funny thing it is, how ridiculously and pathetically they die when someone spoils their speed, slows, roots .... that's why playing against them with warrior is delicious, because when the warrior kills them, that is priceless, it's like catching an insect .I keep thinking that the monk class is poorly designed.
    I guess a real monk would just stand in the way of a giant sword or (insert weapon here) and await their demise? Everyone runs at some point in pvp, EVERYONE.

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    Monks are amazing. I only wish they could be tuned back to MoP status. But, most people want their classes tuned back to MoP status.

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    Nothing about the monk fantasy or the general aesthetic it pulls from particularly appeals to me but MW is just too amazing as a spec imo.

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    Their OPness is the only drawing thing for me.
    Still bitter how they stole warrior abilities to actually make the monk, ohh wait, they also improved those abilities and made them better, something warriors had complained about for a long time.

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