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    but MW is just too amazing as a spec imo
    MW had a couple weeks of being amazing, then they nerfed rising Mist. No idea what else you could be referring to, or maybe you typoed?

    Their OPness is the only drawing thing for me
    What? Their OPness, as in 2nd to last on DPS, or being a subpar healer? Who are you saying is OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fastlane_hellscream View Post
    MW had a couple weeks of being amazing, then they nerfed rising Mist. No idea what else you could be referring to, or maybe you typoed?

    What? Their OPness, as in 2nd to last on DPS, or being a subpar healer? Who are you saying is OP?
    He may be talking about BfA launch? I mean it's pretty obvious that MW mastery is good without gear, it's added healing when you're under geared and complete trash when you (and everyone else) is geared. In Uldir if memory serves me right, MW and Holy Priests were all the rage.

    Second point, Brewmaster is very "op" and will always be due to stagger.

    WW.... mmm i wouldn't call it OP. I would call it strong in the right hands. A perfectly played WW will perform better than ::insert top melee dps:: that is average. That goes with most things. If you use your dmg CD before lust/dmg increase debuffs/etc you'll do less damage than anyone who plans these things out. On pure Patchwerk style fights (that do not exist anymore) sure, maybe that difference is more apparent. In complex fights it comes down to what the spec can do (multi-dot, cleave, Burst ST, aoe, burst aoe, etc). Tread with caution calling the lowest represented class "last on DPS." Essentially, players who can play WW at 100% capacity are playing different specs that they can also play at 100% capacity, that are better equipped for complex fights; less data.

    MW, i think really has a sour taste in the WoW community's mouth. Mastery is useless in raids and M+ it's only really there for when you're undergeared (pvp same argument). I don't think the spec is OP or UP. The problem is for example Disc Priests being able to have 100% effective absorbs for most raid wide damage, while simultaneously being able to heal damage after their shields expire. Raid CDs being another point of contention. I personally love revival, and with bursting becoming dispellable i'll like it even more. It's obvious that Damage Reduction CDs are what raid leaders want. I think to solve the balancing issue, Blizzard should create more mechanics in fights that make damage reduction pointless/wasted; to bend the curve of the HPal/DPriest/RestoSham meta. Make output specs like MW, HPriest and Resto Druids have a place simply due to what a fight requires - or give talent options to change their raid CD to something else: Revival turns to raid wide stagger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fastlane_hellscream View Post
    What? Their OPness, as in 2nd to last on DPS, or being a subpar healer? Who are you saying is OP?
    The only opness i feel, is that im not afraid to 1v1 any class on world pvp, ww is king of duels

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    tanking as brewmaster is fun and dynamic while mistweaver animations and effects are beautiful
    i hate ww animations and sounds
    overall monk is always just an alt for me
    their usefulness in raids is usually meh lvl (except bm)

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    I love monk because of the martial art aesthetic as well as it is one of the most fun DPS specs in the game. Not a lot of ppl can play it well.

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    I wish the monk was more "Kharazim" rather than "kung-fu panda".
    We could've got Asian race to keep the eastern culture in MOP instead of Pandas (and I do like pandas)

    Sorry, I just dislike the silly'ness and how monk turned out to be.
    Instead of martial artist we have silly brew-sipping buggers

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    It's the only class who can fulfill 3 different roles with specs I actually like playing. Oh and mobility.

    Sadly it has nothing to do with the fantasy or aesthetics. I'd rather play plate tbh

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    MW is just way too fun in arenas, tons of mobility and insanely strong healing.

    But also Touch of Death is like the most fun arena skill (not the BFA version), being able to have your partner burst someone and then you just roll on in and one shot them is always hilarious. So yeah, I'll likely be maining Monk in Shadowlands for that.

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    Yea, I honestly wasn't even considering PvP in my last response. I admit they have their nice moments in PvP. But for PvE, I'm basically disappointed by WW and MW. Brew Master is fine mechanic wise, and makes a great tank. I just wish they had more plans for SL then buffing Xuen a little. There are legendary pieces in SL that are completely useless with our current mastery (can't double up on any abilities). I get the intent behind the mastery, but giving us items that increase chi and us absolutely no good considering we may or may not have an ability to use at the time of said increase (and that's not to mention the damn Whirling Dragon Punch bug that makes this even worse). They just really need a dev that plays the class well to focus on improvements. Even Sub Rogue is likely getting enough love to make it worth while to play in SL. Embarrassing

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    Late to the thread, but I really like the martial artist fantasy. I played a whole lot of competitive Street Fighter, which also may influence my decision. Monk is my favorite Diablo 3 class as well.
    I'm just here to complain, if I'm being honest

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    I love brewmaster because of their unique way to tank damage. I’ve never seen something like Stagger anywhere else in any other game.

    I love Mistweaver because this spec can pump out some insane burst heal without the need of a 3+ minute long cooldown. I love how you can drain your mana very fast for very strong burst heals. It feels like mana is actually a resource that you have to play around as MW. I don’t really get this feeling with other healers.

    I love WW monk because it’s a more controlled playstyle where you don’t just spam your buttons and react to big procs. It is the spec that I switched to after they changed enh shaman in Legion. I felt like that’s the playstyle that came closest to old enhance.

    And I love monk in general because of Ring of Peace. That skill is the best skill in the game. The difference between a good monk player and an incredible monk player is how well they use RoP, imo.

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    i like monk cause its close to samurai and wow doesnt have samurai (yet)

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    Sharing it rather aggressively, sometimes. Also sometimes it's on fire.

    For me, while I like the class fantasy and have always loved the bare fisted monks out there in games and shows, Brewmaster is probably my favorite spec in the game.

    I made my brewmaster back in legion, originally a troll because I wanted to take advantage of the Troll Regeneration/Fighter Chow combo, and stagger seemed like the best mechanic for doing that, having damage ticking off you all the time for the fighter Chow to heal back up seemed like the best option. (It was between monk and guardian, and God I'm glad I went the way I did )

    Just fell in love with the class mechanically. It satisfies the hipster in me by being the rarest class in the game, it has a lot of weird abilities that you can use in creative and unexpected ways (having trouble with Rexxar in your vision? Drop a Black Ox Statue and his boars will hit it with their sanity drain, which doesn't accomplish anything!), and it's a fun rythym once you get into it.

    There isn't really a situation as a monk where the right answer is "and then press x repeatedly". I love weaving abilities around.
    I love blackout combo, even if it's weaker now.
    I love the flashy hurricane kicks and flips.
    I love the fighting stance.

    The only thing I don't love is that there are races that can't be monks, considering nightborne could as soon as they stepped out of the bubble it makes it seem like a weekend camp is a you need to learn it, which makes races not being monks a weird thing.

    Just give it to Worgs, Gobs and Lightgoats. Come on now.

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