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    Lightbulb Protein Shakes

    do you guys take protein shakes? which ones do you guys use and recommend for post workout training? (calisthenics/weightlifting)
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    eat 500g quark every day

    In any case, try checking out Jeremy Ethier on youtube. He analyzes (and quotes) actual scientific publications on these matters, not bro science.

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    Been using Isopure Zero Carb for years, don't think I could go anywhere else at this point.

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    I drrink one of these every day:

    Have to be careful if you've a sensitive stomach.
    Too much protein itself can be enough of an upset. But other ingredients like carrageenan can make a sensitive digestive system do cartwheels if taken too much. (I'm told that shit like irritable bowel syndrome can result)

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    We can agree with this.

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    No, I only use homemade low-calorie snacks that don't have a lot of fat or carbohydrates.

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    Any form of whey isolate, if you are looking for a simple easy digestible quick shake with no frills.

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    any form of whey. i usually only use the stuff when i need to fill in some calories/protein goals

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    Nope. Waste of money.

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