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    I agree, because this ends up in a convoluted rotation (that smart players will just make a weakaura for) there is no real middle ground. Either the payout is great and it is mandatory or the payout is mediocer so why bother?
    I'm kinda on the same boat.

    On one side, passive procs are just that, no real improvement over a bigger bunch of numbers. They're fine for enchants, trinkets, etc. Actual abilities that have an impact on playstyle are innately superior.

    On the other, this is not a class/spec ability. It's something you have to choose in a roster of options - i don't really know how hard/easy would be swapping covenants (cause i think people would like to unlock all xmogs for example) and it has direct impact on our performance, plus it's just the flavour of the expansion and will disappear in a couple years.

    Counting all, i think the downsides are too many and i'd like the covenant abilities to be simpler/themed buttons like the Venthyr one. I'm fine with the Execute one aswell. Basically, they shouldn't be so convoluted so they would be much easier to balance out and we can freely choose between covenants based on preference.

    Actually, stuff like that should be a baseline ability or a talent. That is spec/playstyle defining at its purest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amarys View Post
    I don't know, I like it.

    Replacers and passives are always good. I'd rather have a few powerful abilities than 4 bars of gimmicky weak situational buttons.
    Yeah, it's not like the idea is bad, implementation is though and it has to compete with other 3 ones that are way simpler to use. I can get the idea behind of "harder to use, but more rewarding" that probably fueled this, but i don't think it's the right place to have this kind of skills/abilities.

    It would be an awesome baseline spec ability - though it's problematic since the random CP procs all specs have. Again, it also depends on how covenants are managed. Can you picture yourself running an entire tier with the "wrong choice" because initial numbers favors one of the four? Things scale and change overitme aswell, they may nerf/buff things. I'd prefer the covenant skills to be more linear and have this kind of things in my toolkit permanently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nzx View Post
    The Kyrian covenant ability is great, and varies your rotation. No one else's problem except yours that you don't like them, tbh. Thanks for the post though, really appreciated it, cheers
    This is just you being the sort of person who pretends in order to create an argument. Which is low. How can you state that it's literally no one else's problem and he is the only person in the entire world who dislikes the rogue covenant skills? Do you honestly believe that? I doubt it.

    Mind you it's not for nothing that every video I've watched comparing the 2 available covenant skills out on alpha have rogue pretty low. People are literally laughing at the venthyr one. I mean it. They are actually laughing at it.

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