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    easiest tank to play currently?

    Looking for a tank that has mostly passive play-style without having to spin many plates at once to stay alive so i can focus more on the mechanics around me going on.

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    Pally, monk, or DK seem to be what your after.

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    DH is the easiest tank by a mile, Pally has too much utility to be 'simple'. Blood has simple buttons requires a deeper understanding of the spec to play super optimally as opposed to say DH or Bear.

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    Most likely Vengeance Demon Hunter or Blood Death Knight. Oddly both hero classes. Curious...

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    Weird choices in this thread.

    DK is anything but simple, you need to time your heals exactly right or you will die, Vengeance is even worse because you have to time heals AND active mitigation. Paladin has so many Utility buttons that it can be quite overwhelming.

    Nah the easiest and strongest Tank by a mile is Brewmaster. Keep Iron Skin Brew up and only use Purifying Brew when over 100% Stagger. Done. The self-heals are weak so barely worth using, you will rely on Healers to keep your health up, you just trivialize the damage.

    This is why Monks rarely suffer damage spikes and thus can be very relaxed in most fights. Only weakness is Magic damage and when too many small hits come at you in a short time and somewhat circumvent the Stagger, otherwise you just do the short dps rotation, which will be muscle memory after a few weeks and then you can focus on everything else.

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    Druids and monks are the most no brain versions. Do your simple rotations and keep defensives up.

    Closely followed by warriors and paladins. Warriors predict damage, paladins react.

    After that DH. Little faster reactions plus keeping up defensives. Feels a little more squishy then paladin otherwise they seem the same.

    In the end blood dk. Need to pool properly for your self heals or you are literally dead. Keeping up boneshield vs pooling more runic power for critiquely timed death strikes. WHo only heal you if you deathstrike at the right time. The rotation is simple, the execution is actually quite deep. My favorite tank spec(even though i main a dh for m+ atm)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    Most likely Vengeance Demon Hunter or Blood Death Knight. Oddly both hero classes. Curious...
    I'd love to see you argue for blood dk

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    I play mythic plus exclusively, so if that is something you plan to do, then you might consider the following.
    Having played all tanks but dudu (fishing for wep on my resto, but no luck yet) at +15s, I would tell that by far the easiest tanks are war and monk.

    With war, yes you have a lot of skills and things to click at a glance, but really all you need to do is to spend your rage on shield block/ignore pain as soon as you can afford them and clap to victory. You are made of rock, your hp will be falling so slow that you have ample time to use any of million possible defensive you have. Also on aoe pulls you will do immense dmg, overcoming dps more often than not.

    As monk your stagger is so overtuned that enemies simply scratch your back instead of actually hitting you. All you have to do is to keep iron skin brew up all the time, which isnt exactly complicated as you have 4 stacks of brews to use and they recharge quite fast. When your stagger becomes too high you pop purifing brew to clear it. And thats pretty much it, you spam our skills as they are coming out of cds. For emergencies you have three defensives, one very lenthy cd which gives you health and brew bonus, zen meditation that is mainly used for soaking magic dmg as any mhit will cancel it and circle that you can use to stop enemies from hitting you. All in all it isnt much and if things go wrong it feels like you cant do much to recover. Then again with monk things very rarely go wrong, so you should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    Most likely Vengeance Demon Hunter or Blood Death Knight. Oddly both hero classes. Curious...
    DK is anything but simple, esspecially on higher keys/mythic raid. One badly timed death strike is your death. Meanwhile we have warriors and monks wanking off while their hp doesnt drop.
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    dh is very easy to play, but you do need to keep in mind your uptime and cd on demonspikes.
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    Intended purpose/use is important to the discussion, but overall?

    Monk / Guardian Druid.

    The rest of the classes have their nuances, but depending on the content (say average player use) none of them are expressly "hard."

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    Ah, the good old discussion. In the end a tank has four things to do:
    - Keep aggro
    - Mitigate damage to you
    - Mitigate damage to your group ("utility")
    - do damage

    The order of it depends on the content you are going to do, although keeping aggro is always a requirement irrelevant of the content (bar some rare mechanical boss gimmicks).
    So for trivial content the by far easiest tank to play is a tank where you can spam or uphold any aoe aggro spell.
    That means druid where you can literally put swipe on the mouse wheel and press nothing else for the whole dungeon, or >90 monk where you can spec into rushing jade wind (although it does significantly less aggro than swipe and the content has to be pretty trivial if you don't manage your stagger).

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    Monk or DH (I assume 12-15keys, cause thats what most are doing). I think Monk is way more gear dependent right now, while we had a DH with less then 420 gear tank our Freehold 12 (didn't time it, a few deaths he had but still).

    Whoever says DK.. how can you say that? You need to know the damage profile and so much knowledge of the dungeon to not just die. If you go in without a CD on certain packs, you just die. DH or Monk dont, they just laugh. Warrior does greater dps without corruption though

    I thought warrior was clap to victory, but that is not true at all. Found it very non pleasing to play, so much rotating cds constantly, refilling ignore every few sec. It's just not as chill as DH or Monk.

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    Monk or Druid. Followed by DH.

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    Ive played DH, Pally, Druid and Dk and of these Druid is stupid easy just swipe non stop since it has no CD or Cost, pop your 3 mitigation abilities and your good to go.

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    How is this even a question? It's obviously monks, followed by druid and DH.

    Tanks innately need to survive, and monks literally do that by default. You can be absolutely terrible at monk but you're going to survive simply because of the spec is designed. Input obviously makes it so healers don't need to strain nearly as difficult, but even with absolutely terrible input, monk is in a different league than other tanks. Druids are squishy simply on the pull, but can maintain mitigation fairly easy while demon hunters have strong mitigation, self-healing, while popping in and out of a CD that makes them pretty close to immortal constantly.

    While protection warriors are probably one of the best tanks, the reason I omit them is simply because they require actual input to be played properly. They have a disgusting amount of CDs, but people also play around this fact as well. They're virtually immune to physical damage with proper gear but only if you can manage your CDs correctly and press shield block correctly. Where a monk can literally just stand still, a warrior that doesn't bridge gaps in CDs and/or has a period of time where shield block isn't up, literally enters a period of time where they go from tanking tons of mobs, to tanking the floor. Paladin literally plays the same way as a protection warrior except the gaps in their mitigation are far larger, meaning that misplays by a protection paladin mean they will be inspecting the floor far more often. Finally DK constantly needs to manage their resources and failure to manage them properly leads to less runic power which leads to death, or premature kiting (both things you obviously want to avoid). Badly timed death strikes or mismanaging your rotation just simply leads to death, and the higher you go in keys is going to reflect that pretty quickly.

    DKs get such a bad wrap because they've historically been incredibly good dungeon tanks and the community takes seemingly years to realize they haven't been 'OP' since a couple months into BFA. The azerite system essentially doesn't exist for DKs and the class gets slapped around by physical damage like no other tank does. People who think DKs are OP are just late to the meeting, or think that these mass tank raids filled with DKs are a good representation of how the class plays in anything but a cheesy setup at the end of the expansion.

    Truth be told this answer has so many layers because it depends on what type of content you do. Pushing keys is completely different than sitting around 15 keys, which is also different than getting the best setup because of a tournament realm and doing keys as fast as possible around the 19 range (this is wildly different than doing 24-26 keys).

    If you want an absolute answer it's monks though. The staying alive part is basically given to you for free and while there are things you can do to ease the burden off your healers, it's not like the other tanks where failure to hit your mitigation results in fairly quick death. Obviously there's more to tanks than just staying alive, but it's the most important aspect before slipping into utility/damage.

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    been thinking about doing tank for some time, trying shit here and there (beside warrior as i dont really like the class overall
    as ppls are saying
    - dk need good timings with death strikes, and i somewhat don`t like rune system on his skills
    - pala is overall pretty nice with strong cds, a loot of silences although i tried it only on low lvls so hard to say anything seriously
    - dh is annoying as fuck cause you have to time cds even more than DK although have seen couple times DH tank soloing boss after rest of party died :P so probably im just really bad at it rune skills are pretty annoying to use imo
    - monk is healer dependant in the end although can take a loot of shit on the face especially in short bursts :P
    - druid imo easiest and rather strong tank, decent cds, decent utility, grate self healing, on top of possibility to be any role and to be good at it, best char for gathering/dungeon spamming alt ;P

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    I play a brewmaster and it seems pretty simple IMHO. Don't imagine the other classes are this easy. Keep Ironskin up, GG.

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    Monk by far.

    1 button keeps you almost unkillable.

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    We can agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skylarking View Post
    Looking for a tank that has mostly passive play-style without having to spin many plates at once to stay alive so i can focus more on the mechanics around me going on.
    Every tank is extremely easy to play currently. You should really not base your choice on what randoms say on a forum because different classes will feel easy for different players. But in general, all tanks are very easy, just like the game itself. When you start thinking something is "hard" - you've already made it harder than it needs to be in your head. Wow is an extremely simple game. Don't make it harder.

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