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    3 Friends LF a guild that has fun and clears at least hc (Tarren Mill)


    My name is Shambo, I am currently looking for a friendly guild that is looking to recruit a few people for main team roster. My current xp is 3/12M prior to stepping down from my healing role. I am currently rerolling dps as I just wasn't good enough as a healer. I have 2 friends whom I want to join me. They both have a lot less experience than me and are irl friends. One is a hunter and the other I am not sure what class he wishes to play in Shadowlands. I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have.

    Many thanks for reading.

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    Hi again,

    I felt I should say a bit more about myself and my friends. We are looking for a guild for raiding in Shadowlands and are currently just enjoying playing around with the classes and different specs, although we know that they will change a bit for Shadowlands. I have played many roles from Tank, healer, melee and ranged dps and feel pretty comfortable playing any of these roles. My 2 friends play at a heroic progression level and are getting more comfortable with learning more about the game. I feel I could quite easily join a mythic guild, although I would prefer to raid with friends at this point in my gaming experience. We are all English with discord and we would all participate in any events that the guild would put on.

    Hopefully we find a guild that fits us and we fit into that guild also.

    Many thanks

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    Hey There! Add my Btag if you guys haven't already found a home! and we can chat.. Blanna#1779

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