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    Aff/Destro Lock and BM Hunter LFG

    Affliction lock/destro (474) 3/12 M looking for a guild with a BM hunter (476) 7/12 M, ready to transfer, prefer to stay horde. Any day is fine to raid.

    My battle net is kimiscool#1406,his is deadly#1627.



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    [We Happy Few] [H][Tichondrius]

    We are 6/12M. Looking for ranged to expand our roster while we push for CE!

    Raid Schedule:
    Mythic: Tues/Thurs 6:30 - 9:30 PM PST
    Heroic: Optional Wed/Sun with interest.

    Our goal each tier to reach CE but, we understand people have lives outside of the game. We require over 95% raid attendance. We provide flasks/potions/food and repairs for each raid. We wish to continue our success with mythic raiding into Shadowlands. Time is required to study mythic guides, personal logs and research raid mechanics (we expect you to know the fight when you enter the raid).

    How to apply:
    Topannga#3207 (discord)
    Topannga (ign)

    Drakedekay#6514 (discord)
    Drakedekay (ign)

    Tooterpop (ign)

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    Hello, im not sure what times are best for you or if you have found a guild yet. With that said ill attach our recruitment thread below. If you feel we would be a fit, fantastic! If not, best of luck

    [Horde][Area 52][US][EST] Guild: <H E X>

    Guild looking for a few members - REQUIREMENT [mature personality]. HEX is a start up guild and looking to stay relatively small. We are looking to grow to a total of approximately 30 regular players (all your alts welcome). Currently, we have a solid group having a good time with mythic+ dungeons and PvP. We are looking to fill out our roster a little further for the up coming shadowlands expansion. We will be looking to continue with mythic+ dungeons but, would like to get a solid 10 man raid group together and move into raiding as a primary function with mythic+ dungeons becoming secondary (tentatively thinking two days a week / maybe 3 (depending what the team wants to do) around 630p - 930p EST on weekdays). We are looking for players that are helpful and looking to contribute. When running dungeons or raids we want to play hard and do the best we can to tackle as much content as possible. While keeping the atmosphere easy going and fun seeing as we know everyone is doing their best. Discord will be required (its not a requirement to speak if you dont want to. But helps with directions) Currently, our raid roster has 9 confirmed players. We are looking for ranged dps.

    What to expect in HEX - it's all what you make of it. We are small and want to stay that way. We would like all our members to get to know each other. Everyone here is easy going, friendly, and helpful. Definitely jump into our discord, listen to some music and just hang out and get to know everyone. We do not want members lost in the numbers or feeling like they do not have a voice. By staying relatively small allows members to get to know the leadership and allows the guild to adjust its activities as best we can for the members.

    Currently we have some members that play and run mythic+ dungeons for a couple hours after work/dinner (630ish - 830ish EST on weekdays) and we have (from my perspective) younger (20's) members that will play later. If players are free on weekends and RL permits we group up and may run later. Again, HEX is what you make of it. We are just looking to enjoy the game and help each other along the way the best we can as well as do much content as possible. Currently, we do have 9 confirmed players for a 10 man team. During the pre shadowlands lands we would like to take the time to do other activities as well. We would like to raid BFA 2 days a week, have TMog guild run nights, Achievement nights, Harvesting nights, Alt nights, and PvPnights ( if thats your thing).

    If mythic+ dungeons and raids are not your thing that's fine. If you just enjoy questing you are welcome. If you would like to just hang out and help via crafting or harvesting you are welcome or if you would like to recruite your own 10 man raid team under our banner that is an option, if your looking to get more involved. The idea is to have a non toxic decent place to hang out, enjoy the game, and make the most of the time you have. Pre Shadowlands we plan to raid 2 days (weekdays). As our roster fills we plan to schedule other events that will hopefully help our greater guild base beyond the raiders. We are decent people trying to get away from the PUG life. If you don't mind the growing phase and see it as an opportunity and not an inconvenience we are happy to have you. We are open to suggestions during our growth. As a guild we are willing to shift as best we can to the needs of the members.

    What you will NOT find in HEX - miserable, crude, racesit, sexist, or rude people. If your found to be that way or any variation of the above don't bother applying, you will be kicked. We do not have time for that. You will not find elitist attitudes. You will not find us saying we are the best. Nor will we tell you what class you have to play. (all we ask of you is to be decent people and be patient will other members when necessary)

    If your easy going, would like to contribute and would like to make the most of the time you have in a non toxic environment. If you think you would would be a good fit, hit us up in game via PM or in game mail. Reach out to Xyuu or Woar (been playing Woar a bit more lately) or you can see if Vertoos is on to help you.

    Once we hit between approximately 30 regular players we will be closing our recruitment doors.

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