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    Doesn't Grim Dawn have a Diablo 2 mod? I suppose you could see that as a modernized D2

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    I mean the 20th anniversary is basically a free epic trailer.. make a "memorial" trailer of D2. You show Iconic D2 moments. At the end you show something like:

    "It has been great 20 years"... the "0" slowly fades out and you show the same trailer in remastered beauty, and bang, D2 remaster. Hype intensifies and everyone is PogChamp. Easiest epic game reveal ever.
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    If there was ever a time to do it, it would be now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    New rumors seem to point out an announcement of D2:R as soon as June - due to the month being the 20th anniversary of the game release. There is going to be an only online IGN event, where multiple companies will present/talk about their projects and Blizzard has been confirmed to be one of the presenters.

    May be absolutely nothing - there's Shadowlands, OW2 etc so they can just go ahead and talk about of the already announced games, but it's something that is in the realm of poissibility.
    Are the rumors specific to a D2:R announcement or some kind of Blizzard event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    Are the rumors specific to a D2:R announcement or some kind of Blizzard event?
    There's going to be an IGN streamed event in june, where many of the major developers/publishers will talk about current and future projects. Blizzard has been confirmed to be present at the event, and the timing is just right. Sidenote, apparently work on D4 has sped up so it may come sooner than expected.

    It's nothing confirmed nor announced, but it seems that generally Blizzard is pushing to release stuff. Which makes sense since Shadowlands is coming this year and work should be finished already on it and Diablo as a franchise needs an insane amount of hype injection, given the distrust players have towards Blizzard nowadays (for all the right and wrong reasons).
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