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    Horde <Group Therapy> Shazzrah is recruiting.

    <Group Therapy > Shazzarah EU - Horde

    About us:

    We are a "semi casual" guild.

    Rank 4 on Horde Shazzrah with a 32min BWL clear.

    We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a very low turn over of players and are still pretty much the same core roster from the start of classic. We often play other games together not just WoW and have frequent game nights. Our Discord is typically a lot more active than others.

    We do not require world buffs for every raid only for when we are attempting speed runs, you don't need world buffs to clear current content so we do not make it a mandatory requirement however everyone still ends up getting them all anyway.

    What are we Looking for:

    We are looking for raiders who can have a good bit of banter, be an active member in our community and bring 100% to raids, min maxing mentality is a definite plus. We are not really interested in alts or people just raid logging etc.

    We are specifically looking for the following:

    Fury Warrior

    Any application is considered so if your class / spec isn't listed and you are an exceptional player don't feel like you can't apply, we also offer social & PVP spots in our guild as well so if you just want somewhere to hangout and chat utter bollocks whilst levelling, grinding whatever with an active guild chat and discord then we can be the home for you.

    Raid Times:

    Tuesdays (optional) and Thursdays 20:00 - 23:00
    We do not make it to 23:00 with current content.

    Loot Distribution:

    Loot council.

    Guild Contacts:


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