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  • Kyrian

    22 32.84%
  • Venthyr

    17 25.37%
  • Necrolord

    2 2.99%
  • Nightfae

    7 10.45%
  • Undecided, I'm derped

    19 28.36%
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    Kyrian for me. I go prot a bit and the 5 shields is funny to me. As for the AoE but there is enough of a situational usefulness out of it that I can see some fun getting a big clap in M+ with the Divine Tempest rune.

    I refuse night fae on principal since blessing of summer is blessing of might from legion and I refuse to support that. Is it petty? Yes, but I stand by it.

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    All, on one character.
    Switching and getting all special mounts and transmog and achievements (if there are any specific ones. I didn't checked yet), from all of them, if possible on one character.

    That, or all, on 4 characters (if I have that much time, I am busy right now so really not sure).

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    Kyrian looks like the safe pick with my intention of tanking. The active ability is another defensive CD that is like a universal debuff remover. Necrolords looked appealing as well with a 30 second CD being weaved in rotation but I can't help but see it as a little lackluster. Fleshcraft looks stronger on paper for eHP but not by much for the utility the steward offers.

    I would have gone Night Fae easily if I were maining as holy, the blessing is at least the most interesting of the covenant abilities but I don't feel like micromanaging the targets for the cycling buff while I'm tanking. That mobility CD though is quite a sale.
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    I wonder is it that hard to just give Divine Toll a significant bonus whenever it hits ST. Like +400%. And also give 5 HP anyway. Sounds not OP but also not shitty.
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    I really like Venthyr.
    Love the idea of Nosferatu style vampire's in WoW.

    So much good stuff, the theme, story, cosmetics, soulbinds, and door of shadows are all awesome.

    But, Ashen Hallow?
    A fucking horrible abomination of a skill? I honestly have no idea what the person who designed this we're thinking...
    Super long cooldown, cast time, anti-synergy with our wings...
    30 second stationary zone, like what?
    It's just awful, long cooldown, super situational and incredibly hard to find a good time to even use it.

    I couldn't care less about picking a sub par ability, performance wise, but this ability just seems so fucking bad and unfun to me.
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    nightfae blessing of summer super nerfed, 45 sec cd with 30 sec duration ,having to press a global every 45 sec just to buff someone else super annoying. Venhtyr got buffed but 4 min cooldown still feels so bad

    nightfae movement ability is still the best which is something ret paladin really needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by getuza1234 View Post
    Retribution: Templar’s Verdict automatically triggers Divine Storm. well......good pick
    Until you do that boss where you need to hold off on the AOE abilites or you wipe the raid/party. And will loose out on Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm.
    I'm sure this situation will be few and maybe not at all but it could be the case.

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    Probably Night Fae for the mobility aspect, since Ret lacks it.

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    Picking Kyrian because I think the lore and transmog fit paladins well. I also want to follow Uther's story.

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    Looks best, fits best, ability is very good on aoe, single target it's actually not extremely bad but not as good as others.

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    I'm leaning towards the Necrolords. Nice mog, pretty fun abilities, no massive cooldowns, cool conduits.

    Venthyr do have their teleport though which I really, really would like to have, I just love mobility, it also looks decent for pvp. However, 4 min cooldown on their main ability? While I like it, the 4 min is really offputting for me. Anything longer than 2 min (RIP wings) is something I don't really like.

    I'm split... Maybe I level 4 paladins to max to have whatever choice I want for the moment?

    Anyone have something to say about PvP and which is a good covenant?
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    Kyrian because Wing Aesthetics.

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    Belf pally going venthyr if SL ends up worth playing. Blood and Kael'thas theme fits belves/blood knights, the more sinister theme of purging sin fits Retribution spec, and they have the best plate set ... and aura of seasons looks fucking annoying
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    i dont like any of them can i stay with the army of the light?

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    Kyrian looks like it's best for endgame raiding from what I've read so far...but also not terrible for M+

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    Lore-wise, my paladin would be with the Necrolords. Ability-wise, I am just... unsure. I think I'll just pick the one with the coolest armor set. Maybe Kyrian, if they stop acting like stuck-up bananas.
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    I've decided upon night fae, not because i want to but if i'm going to do PvP, raiding and mythic+ it seems like the best option

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    With the recent “flattening” of the soulbinds, I’m not sure it’s going to matter. My guess is the Kyrian Pelagos one will get nerfed since it adds a boost to damage, and if it does, you probably can just play whatever you want. All have their strengths and weaknesses.

    I’m personally going to play Night Fae, but it could definitely change with tuning. I can see a strong case for necro also especially in pvp - giving us more ranges damage and a way to avoid CC.
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