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    I almost exclusively PvP in random BGs and some world PvP, my life doesn’t allow me to schedule around doing rated PvP or raiding. I always have Warmode turned on. I have around 132,000 honour kills and have started doing some PvP again to reach 250,000 honour kills. I have achieved Battlemaster and Justicar. So, since I don’t do rated PvP, most will call me casual.

    But I really enjoy PvP right now! I dislike the corruption effects, especially the active procs, but PvP-ing as a Feral with an ilvl of around 445 is quite fun. We don’t have PvP sets with bonuses anymore, but we do have Azerite abilities on our armour, and some of them apply some cool effects, increasing both offensive and defensive capabilities. The same can be said of our Essences.

    The problem with PvP is the reward system in my opinion. I like to gain upgrades to improve my performance, so I’ve worked a lot on my Essences to get the exact effects that I want. And I mostly play some really long-term goals, like Battlemaster (took several years, since I PuG’ed almost all the achievements for that meta-achievement) or Justicar (which I obtained before it became easier to farm rep with the nelf faction in WSG), but most people don’t think like I do. They want to get rewards at somewhat regular intervals and at a frequent rate.

    I think that we should have another reward system for PvP than we do today. Right now, you can basically be carried in a PvE raid and get awesome gear for doing PvP. That’s actually a great system in my opinion! But you should be able to get better than ilvl 445 gear when PuG’ing BGs. Right now, I earn around 250 conquest per day, so I get 3-4 PvP items every week. But they are not upgrades, since they stop at ilvl 445.

    Back in TBC, it was possible to earn a lot of epic gear from doing rather casual PvP. That was fun, a lot of players did that (I didn’t, since back then I actually rated a lot - but the game thrived since people liked that system). We should go back to that kind of system.

    Oh, and before we call the sky is falling on PvP in WoW: Warmode has been AMAZING! The invasions, the Battle for Nazjatar PvP event - they’re all a lot of fun and they add needed depth to a game called World of Warcraft. You know, WARcraft - instead of just running around not trying to kill other players. With Warmode, you get that extra fun aspect in a very flexible toggle. And just to be clear: I’m Alliance on a server with with Horde dominance, but I still enjoy this aspect a lot. It adds unpredictability to my gameplay, it immerses me in WoW. I feel more engaged in a more complete experience, instead of playing a game on rails.

    totally agree with you, i have it the same, except i do not have battlemaster yet. (Damn the perfect storm!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by koppi View Post
    totally agree with you, i have it the same, except i do not have battlemaster yet. (Damn the perfect storm!)
    Yeah, that is a hard one. I got the “We had it all along *cough*” when it was a 10 point differential. By pure luck! The worst part is when you are actively fighting your own faction to get something done. The most awesome part is when you have to actually do something cool, like “Save the day”, “Ironman” or “Not in my house”.

    Back when I did it, Strands of the Ancients (SotA) was part of the Battlemaster achievement. Since SotA has now been deleted from the game, you no longer have to deal with it anymore - which is both good and bad tbh. Mostly good, though. SotA didn’t have that much good stuff going for it.

    I have so many good memories about achieving Battlemaster. I mean, I understand why rated PvP’ers think that doing random BGs is very casual, but to get some of these more brutal PvP meta-achievements, you actually have to be able to play your class, especially if you PuG them. Because if you don’t have PvP skills, you simply can’t do the stuff required.

    NB: There is one thing Blizzard could do to really improve BGs. Remove the terrible lag in the Epic BGs! Places like Isle of Conquest and Ashran are just terrible.

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    I just wish there was a deathmatch mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkelzahn View Post
    You mean like how there isn't any character progression for anyone who's only doing pet battles? Boo-fucking-hoo if you don't do anything else in WoW other than PVP. You get to go in knowing you're at no disadvantage for only doing PVP, just like everyone else knows they're at no disadvantage.

    Also, I said nothing about there being no rewards.

    I think you need to learn what a fact is.

    Ah, I get it. You're one of the people I was talking about who can only win at PVP by being ridiculously outgeared. Everything makes sense now. Opinion duly (not) noted.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Remind me why any of this has anything to do with countering what I've said?
    Are you being obtuse equal gearing doesn't mean anything when classes have advantages and disadvantages... Gearing, secondary stats, and talents are a way to address imbalances as well. They aren't the enemy when done right. It also doesn't address addition problems either. The biggest one to me is that no casual pvp mode exist. There is just sweats and sweats+.

    You can equalize gear but if the gameplay sucks nobody wants to play either. It's not dis one issue da problem 4 realz. It's multiple issues but the wow community can only address one problem at a time. In cata, I beat people with 70 gear equipped at max level. I can't do that in bfa or legion because the game is brain dead outside of high ranked 3v3.
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    Make bgs reward a decent amount of conquest points. Its so easy to cap conqest anyway from all the battle for nazjatar and weekly Qs and stuff

    Might aswell let us farm it in bgs so we can actually enjoy our time doing it.
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    Most people don't like rated and non rated offers no rewards so no-one pvps

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    Step 1 : Level stats. Because being in a BG and being unable to kill anything while getting one shot is never fun.

    Step 2 : Disable certain perks from gear. All this corruption gear bonuses need to be deactivated in a Bg. They did
    this with legendaries and other gear in previous expansions, it should be no issue to do the same here.

    There. Now the only way to win is to have players work together.

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    As a casual, I couldn't stand how my stats were adjusted in BG's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkelzahn View Post
    They really can't handle fair play.
    That's actually a description of a LOT of PvPers. They love to gank anything that can't hurt them back, and then crow about how many kills they have.

    Yes, there are skilled PvPers; I'm not saying there isn't...but, they are the exception, and not the rule imo.

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