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    Quote Originally Posted by AnTwan View Post
    This thread gives me the sense that people just want to hit "Create New Character" and have a max level character with BiS step out. "Blizzard is going to make us farm current content to get the currency to get the gear we want! We shouldn't stand for this!" That's the game folks! That's WoW. And of course they are going to find ways to keep you coming back day after day and week after week. That's their job. I don't know what people expect from Blizzard. Do they do everything correct? No way, but you have to try and look at things from their perspective, understand their incentives, before you work yourself into a frenzy over something that is never going to be on their to do list.
    True for the first 90% of the expansion, but we're now in the part of the expansion where we're just waiting for Shadowlands to come out. The rules don't matter anymore. I can see why they're doing the things they're doing, but I don't like it. That's also why my account's on ice until the pre-patch hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catalystical View Post
    I'm going to be salty and say..

    What. They'd still found a way to impose RNG to the players when they add in a vendor? At this point they're just doing it on purpose and trolling whoever's still playing.
    It's rotational, not RNG. But they could do better indeed.

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    There's absolutely no reason to have this rotation bullshit other than "maybe they'll keep playing an extra week to get what they want". That's really off-putting.

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    Nope.. not corrupting my character so that Blizzard can say down the road that your character was corrupted...."her der.......they are no more!". WOW2 guys! don't you like reboots!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    You clearly didn't read mine. I'll reiterate. Getting something OP that is random is fine. Getting something OP you can straight up buy is not.
    Fine for who? The people who are lucky and get it? Sure. The rest of the playerbase? No. That's a stupid arguement.

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    I think even with the 35% nerf GW will be very close to bis. According to Bloodmallet, a 460 GW is worth roughly 2.5k DPS. Don't know if we can enchant weapons with these so it's either 6- 15k dps or 8- 20k dps, now with 35% nerf that is roughly 10k and 13k respectively. A 460 IS is around 10k dps and a bit less corruption than 6 GW, but GW works on everything whereas we know that IS has it's limitations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    Anyone knows if "all available corruptions" include raid weapon specific? I would like my m+ pushing DPS to get those, as we don't raid. Even if it costs 3x
    Good question. I was really interested in that answer also.

    I guess I will buy crit corruption when it comes up, and wait and see.

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    Can anyone confirm the following?

    I saw Preheat on his mage do a raid with his 2nd account mage which means drops can be traded to players within that raid for 2 hours. On one of his mages he put Masterful 2 on it and traded it to his other mage (since it was still within the 2 hour window). Keep in mind these raid drops are already SOULBOUND but just tradable for 2 hours.

    Does that same concept work with BoE gear? If i were to buy a 460 BoE ring on my alt, use my 5000 echos to put Expedient 3 on it, then mail it to my main. Will this work? Only concern is it makes it soulbound. Preheat's method worked due to the item already being soulbound but i'm not sure if using a corruption makes an item soulbound or keeps it BoE. Can anyone confirm if they have tested this?

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by javierdsv View Post
    It's rotational, not RNG. But they could do better indeed.
    It is pure RNG when the echoes to buy them are BEYOND a joke, a single raid boss was giving between 60 and 140 echoes there is no reason to "RNG" the collection of a currency, it adds no fun, it add no gameplay element, its just purely to annoy the hell out of players who have literally days in some cases to farm these things up before not seeing them for (possible 3-4 weeks).
    Quote Originally Posted by Equim View Post
    I really don't see anything wrong with playing what you enjoy. Be it Frost, Fire, Arcane or Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soisoisoi View Post
    Fine for who? The people who are lucky and get it? Sure. The rest of the playerbase? No. That's a stupid arguement.
    It's RNG. There have always been people ahead of the pack because they got something OP. The jealousy of others having something you don't is alwats ugly.
    One of the most difficult things for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorAndre View Post
    I think its because the majority feel otherwise and/or its their design philosophy. I don't see the issue. Its such a minor issue when there is so much time for prepatch
    You realize not many people plan on playing months and months all the way until pre-patch right? There needs to be a time where you can sit back and say "I'm finally done" with a sense of satisfaction and then take a break long enough for you to feel you're ready to return for newer content later.
    Just because there are compulsive subscribers who have not missed a day of WoW since 2004, does not mean people like me who like to play the game, finish the content at a satisfactory level and leave to re-visit later don't exist.
    Right now blizz is catering exclusively to the former, hence the uproar and dissatisfaction aired at this subject specifically, both here and on the official forums.

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