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    Anniversary 2020 event skins

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    Only one I like this year is Ashe, and I think that’s mostly due to Bob. Mercy is just too garish and over the top while not being that aesthetically appealing. Reaper’s could have been really cool with it seeming to be inspired by Masque or the Red Death, but not a fan of the gold eye mask or the hat. Hammond’s is just alright. Zen’s is downright ugly.
    Obviously these are opinion based, but not a good skin event this year for me.

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    I dig the Zenyatta and Ashe Skin.

    I think WB's skin is okay.... I like the idea behind it, but I'm not sure it was executed well.

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    All of them are okay.

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    Love the Ashe one so I bought it straight away.

    My first anniversary in Overwatch, must say many of the brawls and event modes are really fun. But I guess everything is fun when its new!
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    No clue why people online are hating on the mercy skin; it looks great. All the other skins are pretty nice as well.

    Hammond’s ball just isn’t different enough looking for me. It’s not bad, just felt like it could have been done up more.
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    The Mercy skin looks like it should have went to another character. It looks ok, just seems like a bad fit for Mercy.

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    Remove that helmet on Mercy and it'd look so much better. I get that it's supposed to be a Dragoon, but even most Dragoon armor sets aren't that gaudy
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