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    Anecdote: This is my last chance.

    Long-time player, drank the multi-boxing Kool-Aid while in quarantine. Just hitting 60 on my toons. I run with an undergeared: warlock, 3 mages, and a holy paladin for trash, then for bosses I swap in my main, a T1 warrior.

    I'd successfully completed DM: West two days ago, but yesterday had a disastrous run in DM: North. Finally called it after 16 wipes, I got Kromcrush to 10% but just couldn't poly his adds fast enough. Pro-tip: Gordok brutes have a 20-yard melee range, Gordunni Mage-Lords aggro from 50 yards away, and Gordunni warlocks put an undispellable banish on a random player.

    I decide to do something a little easier...Lower Blackrock Spire. 99% of mobs in LBRS are sheepable and I have 3 mages...perfect.

    Run is going really smooth, I clear the entrance, drop down to the bottom floor and clear all the fire orcs, then do Mother Smolderweb and all the spiders without a single wipe. Takes about an hour or so.

    My first wipe comes trying to get past the clump of ogres by the skull pile for Urok. Forgot about the patting ogre who comes and melts my voidwalker tank, GG.

    Get back in there and past them, and clear that one patrolling Orc Raider and his two worgs. Go up the ramp and start clearing the pack next to Halcyon, forget the warmasters call for help...wipe 2.

    At this point I realize it's gonna be close, because I have to clear Wyrmthalak's room, the bridge, and the room the bridge connects to before the 2-hour respawn timer is up.

    This is my last chance.

    I start the mobs that remain next to Halcyon, when another patrol comes down from the room; there isn't one set of patrols--there's 2. Wipe on that. But because the wipe came so soon I get back in before the respawns.

    This is my last chance.

    Skip Halcyon, Skip Zigris, and clear the whole very dangerous room with evokers and warmongers no wipes. Clear the bridge. Get to Wyrmthalak's room, clear the 6-pack in it. (Pro-tip: on that one, if you hit the worg on the very far left, the berserker and 2 orcs don't aggro.) There's a set of 3 mobs after it.
    For some reason the polymorph doesn't go off on the troll shadow hunter, he hexes the warrior, the ogre warmaster shreds the holy paladin, effectively a wipe. I run the paladin back, and must have had my start-time wrong...no respawns.

    This is my last chance.

    I get back to Wyrmthalak, put the warrior in a position where the knockback will send him to a wall, and start burning him. I was planning to sheep the adds he summons, but his health was dropping so fast I decide to just go for the kill.

    But he doesn't knock back. He knocks UP. While my warrior is mid-air, he has 3 GCDs which is enough for him to kill a mage. Being unable to re-position all 4 toons properly, he does it again, now I'm down 2 mages. I get him to 10% when the adds arrive, he knocks me up a third time and between him, the berserker, and the troll, they crush the remaining two in to gnome jelly. Wyrmthalak resets with 5% left. I run back, thinking if I can clear faster than I did previously, I can get past the trash again.

    This is my last chance.

    I clear the entrance and the six-pack before the drop. I hug the ledges, and check the bottom floor. It's clear. I jump.

    During the split second I am falling, the fire orcs respawn.

    In my most amazing play of the day, despite being at half health from the fall and jumping straight in to a pile of 5 orcs, I somehow recover. I frost nova, step out, polymorph 3 of them, start tanking the other 2, kill them, and then I see it; the patrol of 2 orcs is also back. The remaining polymorphs breaks as the patrol walks in...wipe. I start running back thinking if I skip the pyromancers on the side I can still beat the spiders respawning. But

    This is my last chance.

    I return, kill the patrol and the remaining fire orcs, and turn the corner to the wagon. I polymorph 3 of the 4 orcs...only to realize there's a fifth. I pick him up, and kill all but the two polymorphs, who I can handle easily. Somehow, and I will never know how, those two measly casters wipe me.

    This is now my computer's last chance.

    Furious, I hit Alt-F4. But because scroll lock is on (it's the toggle for whether HotkeyNet transmits the keys to every client) it doesn't work. I angrily hit scroll lock and then Alt-F4. It closes one of the clients, but the other 4 are still open, mocking me.



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    Oh the joy of multiboxing come back with another juicy dungeon story buddy

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