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    Can't you just bind the action to mousewheel up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnicholas View Post
    Sorry my bad... I should explain the terms a bit

    Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking are both the techniques we use to click the mouse as quickly as possible. In Jitter click, we click with one finger (Index finger) and In Butterfly clicking we click with two fingers (index finger and middle finger)

    Clicking is very crucial in Minecraft. We Minecraft players focus on increasing the Click per second speed. There are many tools build my minecraft itself to check the same. I hope I have explained in a good manner now

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    I am sure that you do not play Minecraft ) hahaha

    Played modded minecraft for years. There is no reason you need to do this in that game.
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    Minecraft pvp? People actually play Minecraft for pvp?

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    Neither. I don't play games that require fast repetitive clicking that would require me to have a specially named technique.

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    I prefer Blood Clicking

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