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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzurri View Post
    Do you ever use Overpower twice in a row to get 2 stacks if MS is on CD?

    Or is is OP-MS-WW/OP if procs?
    I mean if you can get two stacks back to back like that with MS on cooldown, yes. So long as your Deep Wounds won't fall off, you can often prioritize using Overpower prior to Mortal Strike outside of CS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz
    MMO champion for example used to be the center of WoW theorycrafting

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMatticus View Post
    Now, being at 72% base haste, arms feels better than fury ever did during BFA.
    QFT. Arms feels so nice now with high haste. Rage is almost a non issue.

    Also, how big do people want MS to be? Just looking over logs from earlier today mine is regularly hitting for 55k plus. More if OP buff is up, but we all know you don’t game around that at all.

    ToM gameplay is... okay. I do like that it keeps my damage up beyond just CS window. It just cause some weird situations, i.e. like using WW during single target with CS+Lucid up. Outside of that it’s not too bad. But I won’t miss it either.

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