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    Bypass “unsupported graphics card” message

    I’m trying to run retail on some old potatoware but after fully downloading the game from battlenet app, when i try to launch it, it pops a message saying that my 3D card is unsupported. That's kinda to be expected honesty because it’s a Geforce go 7300. The notebook is from 2007 and has Core 2 Duo t5600 + 3gb ram + win7 x64 with latest nvidia drivers available. Just to make it clear I’m not trying to run the game to enjoy it, but I am pretty sure I’d be able to run it on lowest settings at 15fps or so. How do I bypass that message and launch the game anyway? I’m guessing the solution could be tampering with some settings file in the wow folder?

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    The thing probably is, that some parts of the game are built with APIs that require certain hardware to be present. Which your 7300, probably lacks.

    It can be gotten to work is my guess, but boy will it be artifacted if it could try and display it. Or, it will just run at 5 spf or something similar. Good luck with your search.

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