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    I'd be surprised if a 750w PSU doesn't have the 8pin. It probably has 2.

    As for the boards: 63/73 degrees is way under spec for a VRM. Not saying it's a good idea, but they can handle 100+. I'm not familiar with Techspots testing methodology, but pointing a fan or 2 at the VRMs will bring temps way, way down.

    And as for the x570 tomahawk, I'm not even entirely sure it's launched yet.
    OK, thanks for the info. Yeah, I think the x570 tomahawk is not out yet lol. Now we know.

    I kept reading and they performed the test in weird situations not like in its case with fans. Which at the end they state the Asus and Gigabyte boards will probably run at the same temps in real life inside the case. I guess the first test was the actual board with no case fans?

    I read on newegg reviews people complaining about the Gigabyte only having 2 fan headers but I have a fan hub. However, I believe if I connect fans to the fan header and not to the motherboard they will run at full 100% speed and sound loud 24/7.
    The asus x570 has more fan headers so going with it also is $20 cheaper than the wifi gigabye x570.

    So far going on newegg and buying:

    1. amd 3600 ($170)

    2. Asus tuf x570 plus +wifi ($190)

    3. G.SKILL TridentZ NEO RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3600mhz 16 CL @ $115 main choice and really digging the damn RBG, they got me. The question, in the future can I buy 2 more of these 8gb and upgrade to 32 GB ram just if need be? I found the are compatible with the QVL part number [F4-3600C16D-16GTZNC] BUT only have support on sockets DIMM 1 and DIMM 2 not on DIMM 4. Does this mean buying 2 extra ones won't work? and I would need to check a RAM that works on all 3 sockets 1, 2, and 4?

    The other alternative are cheaper g.skill but also lack the support on socket DIMM 4 and no RGB although they are going for $27 less than the RGB G.Skills on Newegg and are also 3600mhz/16CL.

    Option C: Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz CL18 but higher CL than the g.skills* :
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