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    At this point in time mounts just no longer have any appeal for me. There are SO MANY over the top mounts in the game now, some of them are batshit insane and don't feel like WoW mounts at all. I just cannot care anymore, there are too many of them, and they are too crazy.

    Blizzard needs to invent some other worthwhile cosmetics, cos slapping another mount reward just isn't making the players engage that much anymore. Glory of Ny'Alotha Raider rewards something almost identical to the thing that you get from doing both 5-mask visions. Why go through the trouble?

    Besides, I just wish my mounts could fly in patch x.0 again. The pathfinder system activating in patch x.2 is by far the worst thing WoW implemented in recent years (besides huge RNG on gear). No flying for the first half of the xpac is one of two reasons why I am coming back to play x.3 patches only now (7.3 in legion, 8.3 in BFA, skipped everything else). The other reason is shit character (mainly: lack of haste, slow ass gameplay especially in BFA with the GCD changes)

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    What about a flying mount with a vendor? Right now it's easy to sell your junk while on the mammoth etc., but it would also be nice if you could get rid of your junk while fyling, right?

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