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    Must have missed that... I assume they are adding human ears to the elves?
    Nah, just two shorter options, still pointed.

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    If Light and Void couldn't work together, Discipline wouldn't work as a spec. It's literally a balance of the two. Light and Void has only ever resulted in fel explosions at the cosmic scale - we haven't seen fel explosions result of light and void anywhere else in lore. All other instances of light and void clashing usually result in the beings being overtaken by one or the other - whichever is stronger. In the case of a Void Elf Paladin it would make sense for the Paladin Light side to be strongest when it uses its abilities, and for the Void to be strong when the passive procs. In this sense the Paladin wouldn't be unlike a Naaru.
    Discipline priests aren't fully submerged in either energy, thus they can channel both.

    Using Void causes damage to Lightforged beings. Opposite should be true for Void-bathed beings like the Void Elves.

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    Yeah I really do agree with this sentiment... Maybe somebody reminded Ion that Pandas exist?? LOL

    "We could never have two races look the same because..."

    *Assistant* "Uh... Ion.. HEY! ION!... Pandas."

    Pandas arent 2 races what are you on about?
    It's one race split into 2 factions

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