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  • Earth victory

    137 90.73%
  • Horde victory

    12 7.95%
  • Stalemate

    2 1.32%
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    Just immagine the war pumped orcs charging into the Dark Portal to take the new lush world for their own...

    ...only to come out on the other side to one guy in a sandbag nest machine gunning the living shit out of them

    Or we just build Iris on Dark portal like in Stargate fanchise and enjoy the splatting sounds of the whole horde

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    Modern humanity would beat them quickly and with barely any casualties. Aerial and satellite surveillance would mean we could locate them quickly and begin disrupting their supply lines, likely in the first few hours of them arriving. Once we did mass forces to deal with them I don't really see an argument of how they could win, artillery, snipers, mechanized infantry & tanks and such. Even basic guys with guns would beat them.

    If they'd arrived in deep jungle perhaps another story but in those circumstances how are they going to feed so many troops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagenod View Post
    If Medivh were on Earth, the Dark Portal came about and the Orcish Horde invaded, how do you think we would fare?

    I believe we'd lose pretty quick unless we developed an understanding of their magic and the capability to counter it. But who knows maybe nukes overpower magic abilities!
    Let me tell you how it will go
    General : The portal where the invaders come through is right below you !
    Pilot : ok sir
    bbbrrrr brrrrrrr

    (i know these are flares but you get the idea)
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