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    Pug BoD is a complete shit show. You would need to wait like 2 hours and only invite people who already got the Mythic Jaina achievement or the kill won't happen.
    Not anymore. IDK if anything about her changed recently but I joined 3 pugs yesterday without prior experience of the fight and we got the kill 1-2 shot. As long as the group has sufficient dps to push her quickly to P2 it will be a kill.

    P2 cheese strat has essentially no mechanics. You move to her gradually as a group and break out people cubed. Once you get to her you wait for her immunity to drop, but she continues to channel a long cast. She literally does nothing and just stands there while you kill her.

    Has she always been like this? I don't know what has changed other than people getting her out of P1 faster with more gear.

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    Pugs still too fucking trash to kill Jaina because you still need to know and properly execute the mechanics. Once you finish burning Jaina on the boat, the real retard check starts and that's where pugs fall apart.

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    I haven't seen any in a while but i there was someone selling jaina runs on the Outland EU server a few weeks back.

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