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    Talking to WoW friends

    Do you talk to the people you play WoW with outside of the game?

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    Sure. Why wouldn't I?
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    What if the big baddie is the friends we made along the way?

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    Always have, probably always will

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    Yes. Made some very good friends in WoW.
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    Assuming you mean IRL, yeah briefly 7-5 years ago

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    that is (was?) one of the perks of a mmorpg. it leads to making friends a lot more organically than some drop in drop out game.

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    Yeah, some I met only 3 years ago in a guild meeting, one doesn't live far away from me so we go to the cinemas etc now and then. Would never meet him and the others if it wasn't for WoW.

    But I also would have a life if it wasn't for WoW. Pros and cons!
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    I'm sure there's countless people that have. I personally haven't stayed in touch with the various people I've encountered in WoW, but I have with other games over the ages. I think my longest lasting friends I had in WoW were a group of people I'd play custom games on WC3 frozen throne and eventually we all started playing WoW in 05'. We continued to play with each other up until Wotlk when some of them quit and others transferred. This was before battle.net friends so when they left, I never got their email or phone number so things just stopped. I've had good connections with people since then in the various guilds I've been in, but I haven't talked to any of them outside of WoW. But like I said, I have friends from other games I've played over the years that I still talk to and play games with still.
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    the real question is

    'Do you talk to people you don't play WoW with outside the game?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by ketchup27 View Post
    Do you talk to the people you play WoW with outside of the game?
    I still speak to 3 of them fairly regularly, one of which I met IRL and turns out was the little brother of a friend I went to school with for 12 years and we became friends completely by accident on a random server, he even lives in the same city lol.

    The other 2 are a bit further away but in the US/CAN
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