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But that was always the case my friend, if you stopped in The Burning Crusade, and came back in Cataclysm, you still had to level through Wrath of the Lich King content, I don't understand why are you acting so surprised, it's not like this is some new mechanic that we've never seen before.
You are partially true. Historically it was that way... but now some people can avoid through BFA and some not. I would love to be in the first group.

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I didn't mean to be rude, and apologies if I was
It is ok my mate, do not worry

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but you just seemed like a type of person who doesn't really care about the game but likes to yell about how they don't like it on the forums.
I would not be active on this forum if i do not care about the game.
I want to present my point of view what i do like and do not like.
A few things in Shadowlands looks promising and would love to check it without doing BFA stuff thats all.

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And I still think you are that type, because saying that last 3 expansions had nothing to offer is just plain lie. Sure, they all had their issues, but they also had a bunch of good content, especially Legion.
I've never said it lacked good things. For example i love too see how graphically WoW has evolved within last few years. Raids looks atleast cool too.

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Maybe the issue is that MMOs aren't your thing anymore, there are plenty of other games to go for.
Well... i am atleast 6 days per week in Classic so i do not think MMO's are not for me...

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Good job answering my question with an answer that doesn't address in any way the question i posed.
How this simple analogy does not answer your question?
I've seen and learn enough about BFA to be sure not liking it. How much simplier do you want to hear that?