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    Getting the iLvl, neck and essences can be done relatively quickly. Couple of weeks to be up there. Ofc, if you don't have a Mythic guild to boost you, you will be behind on iLvl aswell because the only 360+ gear you have access to, is from weekly M+ cache, weekly 5/4 Chest Vision runs and crafted gear.

    However, the real bottleneck atm, is Corruptions. Anybody who has played for the entire patch, will be extremely far ahead in this department. They did recently add a vendor for this, but the Corruptions are on a long rotation, and the currency to buy them are also semi time-gated, because the reward/time invested ratio drops extreeeemely low once you have finished your weekly "mandatory" grind for them.

    For reference, I came back to the game 2 weeks ago. Was at 440 iLvl (quit raiding on Za'Qul Mythic progress in EP), now 462 after doing all my weekly "mandatory" stuff. Nya'Lotha HC clear twice, 5/4 Mask Visions, Crafted gear, M+ cache once and some more M+, but not much beyond that. My iLvl would still be exactly the same if I played 24/7, but I would have had access to some better corruptions if went hard on the M+ grind. Technically I could have done PvP aswell, but fuck that.
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    All my characters are Horde, save for one alt Alliance Mage [for collecting stuff on Alliance side] that I recently hit 120 with. It took only two weeks from hitting 120 to already be 463.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caerrona View Post
    So laughably untrue its hilarious. 1 month max to be fully geared unless your bad. 1 month doing minimum echoes shit is enough for 8x stat inc

    Op your going to get alot of WAH GAME TO GRINDY REEEE replies. Its really not bad. If you have played wow at all in the past 15 years is not much grinding.
    He is correct, 100%. You grinding for a month, while others have grinded for 5 months, you can't really catch up. The neck goes on forever. So even if you get neck to 90, most of those folks are 95-100ish. Not to mention if you're a dps, and you need very SPECIFIC corruption pieces, if the vendor doesn't have them for a month they won't be around. And to top it off, its going to take 3-4 weeks just to get your cloak to 15. While others have 80 max corruption resist at the moment, that person will still be stuck at 50. Allowing other players to still have better dps options available to them.

    I get it if you want to be a cheeky jerk, but at least give the person correction information. Instead of being rude and lying to them.

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    Just do M+ as often as you can when you have groups available. Otherwise finish your assaults, grab the essences you need and proceed to work on cloak upgrades.

    Essences might suck if you just can't buy them off the vendor, but there are plenty that are easily accessible with minimal time investment. If it's a time allocation problem, just go for the essences that produce the most bang for your buck, even if that means taking a second or third string essence. Realistically, most of your power is going to be tied to corruption and gear, so doing activities that provide both of those things (arena, visions, M+) is the best use of your time. Again, if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have a group available, just do vast amount of content that can augment your character by yourself.

    This becomes magnitudes harder if you come back and have to pug your way through keys and/or raiding. Some people can hit 465 iLvL in a single week if they put a lot of time into it, but obviously that means they have access to groups and they have more time on their hands.

    I don't think essences are that bad and I take no issue with acquiring them the first time. I do think that certain essences that are fairly time gated like conflict and strife are bad at this point though, but even if it's one of your best minor essences, I highly doubt that there isn't an alternative out there that isn't that much worse. The above post citing neck levels is pretty fucking retarded though if I'm being honest. AP at this point is virtually free and doing all of the other shit people have detailed in this thread is going to propel you far past the point of relative usefulness on the neck. You're going to get 80 neck level insanely fast and the scaling of essences with each individual neck level in addition to the +2 iLvL on neck isn't enough to make a large difference. I promise you the difference between somebody with and 85 neck and a 95 isn't massive, it's minuscule at best and you have the advantage of 'grinding' AP when it's most efficient, where those before you did it in a far less efficient time.

    If you just focus on dailies in the new zones and spend your echoes on extra vessels, you can literally get your cape to max level in a week, or two weeks if you want it to be somewhat 'reasonable'. You're going to be behind corruption resistance wise however, but will slowly catch up if you can full clear visions and do any version of N'zoth (except LFR) every single week. Why Blizzard doesn't allow you to accelerate the corruption resistance catch up beyond R15 cloak is beyond me.

    TLDR; M+ when you can. Upgrade your cloak and acquire echoes in any way possible when your group options are limited. Don't fret about essences, especially if they're heavily time gated you can just settle for second string ones. Your time is better spent elsewhere if your true goal is to get as geared as you possibly can.

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    If it is an alt with a main that has the essences unlocked this can be done rather quickly if you have people that can help you carry. A fresh character with no essences and not friends to carry is currently having a hard time, even without cloak leveling.

    On the other hand, Mythic +15 and beyond is the 5man equivalent of mythic raiding even if you read differently here. People here give you the impression that a +15 is m+ beginner level. So it does not happen over night as well as finding a raidspot in a mythic raid guild.

    For HC both, bis corruption and bis essences are not necessary.

    With regard to PvP corruption seems to be a problem, but I don't PvP and therefore I don't care.

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    how long it takes?
    it depends on what role and class/spec you play. if you have a lot resouces and gold,you can level very fast

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    Leveled my DH wednesday last week (EU RESET DAY)

    Rank 8 Cloak (Achieved Today)
    461 ilvl (Pugged this week no guildie help)
    Fuck all corruptions

    Can't really comment on essences since I just did arena to get 30k to buy all the essences i wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caerrona View Post
    So laughably untrue its hilarious. 1 month max to be fully geared unless your bad. 1 month doing minimum echoes shit is enough for 8x stat inc

    Op your going to get alot of WAH GAME TO GRINDY REEEE replies. Its really not bad. If you have played wow at all in the past 15 years is not much grinding.
    I quit after I killed M Zaqul and came back 3 weeks ago as a shadow priest. I had a 440 destro as well that I started farming.
    My guild grouped players who decided to join late and ran them through heroic raid twice and boosted me up to mythic Raden.

    Usually I'd be running simc and farming m+ to prep for raiding but not on this patch.

    I'm still behind cloak level/uldum rep/essences (c&s)/azerites/sockets/corrupt enchants and this disgusts me. All of them are time gated.
    Sure I could ignore those and play without them but then I'd be playing patch 8.25. Might as well go to eternal palace.

    All I do is dalies and visions when I log in. I'm probably still a month away from farming all the basic stuffs that I need.

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    Mythic + plus hop into a few of the older raids (transmog runs) for some pieces

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