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    Phoenix Flames Felomelorn effect?

    Do you think will they add warcraft kael effect again ? I hope they will, it is very cool !!!

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    I doubt it. Doesn't really make much sense, since it was part of the weapon and the skill is part of the specs baseline toolkit now.

    I would like to see it again, at least if you transmog the weapon, but I'm not sure if they will find the time to code it back in/reactivate the effect. At least I can't see them prioritizing it.
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    Warlocks have glyphs for this if all you want is the visual.

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    Glyphs usually work with class resources or buff effects, I can't remember one where a visual would track skill charges, but then that is how the weapon worked.

    I'm sure they could do it, but glyphs are entirely at the mercy of the devs, as there isn't much rhyme or reason to them. I'm still waiting for dark transformation glyph that gives me a marrowgar instead of the crippled abberation .
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