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    Building 2 Rogues... PvP & PvE. Make sense or waste of time?

    Contemplating whether it is a waste of time, money and effort to build two Rogues. One explicitly for PVP and one for PvE. Different talent builds, of course. I presently have two (lvl. 27 & 29) Rogues leveling like this, but undecided if it's all going to be worth it at lvl. 60.
    What think you???

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    Since you talk about level 60 I assume you're talking about classic. To which I can only answer maybe? PvE specced rogues are pretty strong in PvP so it just depends on what you want to use them for.

    IF you're talking about retail, don't bother swapping specs and gear is too easy to bother levelling a second character for one purpose.

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    yahhhhhh, id guess your going to burnout leveling 2 of the same class in classic
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    Enormous waste of time. Good gear will do you well in both pve and pvp, so focusing on getting the best gear you can on a single rogue will propel you further in both.

    Also, rogues can make enough gold to respec as many times as they want very easily with pickpocketing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozu View Post
    Also, rogues can make enough gold to respec as many times as they want very easily with pickpocketing.
    Wait what? Pickpocketing is actually a thing nowadays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikeyla View Post
    Wait what? Pickpocketing is actually a thing nowadays?
    Oh, well OP said level 60 and talent builds so I assumed he was talking about classic.

    To answer your question though, no it's not a thing on retail.

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    Thank you Mozu, and all that replied. After leveling both to 30 (in Classic) it just cost too much to equip both with the finest gear and it has been a waist of time & money. So, from personal experience.... Don't do it!

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    If you're after cash you could just get enough gear to start soloing mobs for Righteous Orbs?
    If you are particularly bold, you could use a Shiny Ditto. Do keep in mind though, this will infuriate your opponents due to Ditto's beauty. Please do not use Shiny Ditto. You have been warned.

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    You can pvp combat spec and destroy people; going subtlety is more for dueling and trolling people with stuns and stuff.

    Combat with some Naxramas weapons was pretty fun back in the day; Castigator off of Thaddius was badass.

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    I tend to make two of classes sometimes to fill an RP role. My Paladins are Human Male, Ret and Prot, or Dranei Male. If its a Paladin healer, I go female. So I end up with two. My druids the same, the males are feral and gaurdian, the females are Moonkin and resto. Shaman same, Male dwarf Enhance, my Female Maghar is Elem and Resto.

    Its just how I like to play.
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    I have two rogues that I pvp with and the main is pvp/pve. Depending on the professions you choose it can be a very profitable setup due to speed and stealth.

    Make sure to have at least 1 gathering on each or 2 gathering on the secondary. Mining + herbalism or Herbalism + skinning works very well.
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