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    Looking for an addon used by Touchymcfeel

    I'm looking for an addon that was used by Touchymcfeel. He had tutorials up on youtube that I always followed and he took all of his videos down last year. He used this one addon to hide all of his minimap buttons and, I think, place some text like fps around his minimap. The addon in his video gave each minimap button it's own box (text boxes that did not show the icon) that could be moved freely anywhere on the screen and individually of each other. He used it to hide all of them by turning down the opacity of each box. The addon had a weird name(I think it was an acronym or just some letters put together that didn't spell anything) and I'm having a hard time finding it again. Any help for this specific addon would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: I found it by pure luck, but will keep this up for anyone else interested in another way of dealing with minimap buttons. It's called StatBlockCore by Funkehdude.
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